Friday, May 13, 2016

Oh, Kentucky

UK's AD is now on the selection committee for the NC2A's men's basketball tournament. So's Duke's.

The Kentucky Cabinet of Tourism, Arts and Heritage says its industry created 6,200 jobs in the state last year.

“Medicaid covered 41,493 dental preventive services, 9,708 breast cancer screenings, 8,276 substance abuse treatment services, and 5,589 colorectal cancer screenings to enrollees age 19-64 during the fourth quarter of 2015,” says a Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky report.

The state budget cuts ... Murray State flow.

In Paducah, "your ears will be teased and tickled."

"Escape Lebanon is a real-life thrilling race against the clock to find your way to freedom. You (and 5-7 other people) will be locked in a room with 60 minutes on the clock in which you must solve puzzles, crack codes and other cyphers hidden around a themed set of rooms in hopes of finding the code allowing you to 'escape' in the nick of time. … HELP US BRING THE FUN TO LEBANON!"

The Friends of the NRA are packing them in in Etown.

Recycling Salyersville: