Monday, May 16, 2016

NBA Update

OK, yes -- I didn't think the Oklahoma City Westbrooks, I mean, Thunder, would beat the San Antonio Spurs.  But let's give Coach Donovan credit for a really great game plan, and let's give the Thunder credit for carrying it out.  After basically conceding Game One, the Thunder whipped the Spurs -- taking four out of five from a team that won 67 games in the regular season.  Here's another takeaway:  the Spurs only lost one game at home all year, but the Thunder beat them twice on their home floor in this series:

(Home teams listed first):
04/30:  San Antonio 124 - 92 Oklahoma City
05/02:  San Antonio 97 - 98 Oklahoma City
05/06:  Oklahoma City 96 - 100 San Antonio
05/08:  Oklahoma City 111 - 97 San Antonio
05/10:  San Antonio 91 - 95 Oklahoma City
05/12:  Oklahoma City 113 - 99 San Antonio

I don't know enough about basketball to know what OKC did to the San Antonio offense, but it was pretty strong stuff.

So we don't get the long-expected showdown between San Antonio and Golden State.  Instead, the Warriors will take on the Thunder.  The Thunder are now the only team in NBA history to play two playoff series against teams with more than 65 regular season wins in the same year. It will be interesting to see if Donovan's wizardry works again.

The Western Finals start tonight, and if the Thunder get blown out in Game One, I will know that they were just resting.

Oh, and the LeBrons will be playing a team from Canada in the Eastern finals.

Cleveland 4 - 0 Atlanta
Toronto 4 - 3 Miami

Golden St. 4 - 1 Portland
San Antonio 2 - 4 Oklahoma City

Cleveland 0 - 0 Toronto
Golden St. 0 - 0 Oklahoma City


  1. After 1 quarter:

    Golden St. 27 - 21 Oklahoma City

  2. Shot count through one quarter: Westbrook 5, Durant 5.

  3. 9:58 left in second:

    Golden St. 37 - 24 Oklahoma City

    Starting to sound like the Thunder are waiting for Game Two.

  4. 8:26 left in second:

    Golden St. 37 - 31 Oklahoma City

    Thunder fighting back.

  5. 1:16 left in the 2d

    Golden St. 54 - 42 Oklahoma City

    Hubie Brown, on ESPN Radio, literally criticizes OKC with about 90 percent of his comments. He doesn't think they're playing defense, he thinks they're offense is all messed up, etc. I know exactly how he feels.