Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pennant Fever

With only four games left in the English Premier League, long-shot Leicester City -- which was founded in 1884 and has never finished at the top of English football -- still leads the way.  Amazingly, the second-place team is Tottenham Hotspur, which has not won the League since 1960-61.  So something very unusual is going to happen this year:

1.  Leicester City:  21-3-10 (73 points)
2.  Tottenham Hotspur:  19-4-11 (68)
3.  Manchester City:  18-9-7 (61)
4.  Arsenal:  17-7-9 (60)
5.  Manchester Utd:  16-9-8 (56)

Here is the rest of Leicester's schedule:

5/1:  at Manchester United
5/15:  at Chelsea

Here's what's left for Spurs:

5/2:  at Chelsea
5/15:  at Newcastle United

The best Spurs can do is win out, which would leave them with 80 points.  Thus, Leicester can win the league so long as they get 8 points from their last four games.  You get 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw, so a record of 2-0-2 down the stretch would get it done.

Meanwhile, here are the semi-finals for the F.A. Cup, which will be played at Wembley.  As you will see, Manchester United is the only team left with a winning record:

4/23:  Everton (9-10-14) v. Manchester Utd (16-9-8)
4/24:  Crystal Palace (10-15-9) v. Watford (11-14-8)

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