Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Where Are They Now? All Star Break 2016

Eric Bledsoe (Phoenix Suns)
34.2 MPG, 45.3% FG, 37.2 % 3PT, 4 Reb, 6/1 Ast, 20.4 PTS, -1.6 +/-, 106 ORtg, 107 DRtg

Poor Bledsoe. A bad year at our last report because of his team's poor performance, made worse by a season ending injury at the end of December. Here's to hoping he comes back better next year.

Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns)
22.9 MPG, 45% FG, 40.7% 3PT, 2.1 Reb, 1.6 Ast, 10.6 PTS, -4.1 +/-, 107 ORtg, 112 DRtg

Well it's sad for Bledsoe and others that have been injured at Phoenix, but it has given chances to Booker to show what he can do. Shooting 40% from three point range is a good thing. He needs to work on his defense, but it's not uncommon that defense is an issue for a rookie.

Willie Cauley-Stein (Sacramento Kings)
20.5 MPG, 61% FG, 5.6 Reb, 6.3 PTS, 0.1 +/-, 122 ORtg, 106 DRtg

Cauley-Stein has had a fantastic year so far. If he were on a good team you would be hearing a lot about what he's doing, instead all you hear about are the fights going on with everyone in Sacramento. It's a shame out some organizations just seem to be a total mess, like the Miami Dolphins for instance. Anyhow Cauley-Stein has really impressed me with what he's done.

DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings)
34.2 MPG, 44.5% FG, 35.4% 3Pt, 11.1 Reb, 3.1 Ast, 26.8 PTS, 1.5 +/-, 103 ORtg, 103 DRtg

In many ways I believe this year is going to be very important for Cousins. A lot of people look at him and the West and feel as though he should be able to lead his team to the playoffs. For a while they were solidly in the 8th position, but lately they've completely collapsed. At the same time all the rumors started about him and George Carl again. Problem is people want to see Cousins rise above all of this and pull his team forward. If he can do that I think he could get a max contract anywhere he wants. If he can't, well I think he'll always be thought of as a really talented player. Maybe down the road he lucks into a good situation, but it won't be as open to him as it could be.

Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans)
35.6 MPG, 49.9% FG, 10.2 Reb, 1.8 Ast, 23.5 PTS, -1.4 +/-, 109 ORtg, 103 DRtg

It's been a disappointing season for Davis but the Pelicans have been playing better of late. For a time it looked like they might make a push for the playoffs, but their pace has slowed back down and now I can't see it happening. Davis is a great contrast to Cousins. I'm sure it must drive Cousins nuts that Davis gets so much love. But you just have to look at the struggles of New Orleans early in the season. There wasn't any noise coming out of New Orleans that Davis was angry with the coach or there were any problems, and then at some point they started playing better and things seem to be stabilizing for them.

Archie Goodwin (Phoenix Suns)
19.8 MPG, 41.9% FG, 27.5% 3Pt, 2.5 Reb, 2.2 Ast, 8.8 PTS, -2.5 +/-, 98 ORtg, 111 DRtg

Well all the injuries in Phoenix has meant more playing time for Goodwin, but my guess is he will be playing in China this time next season.

Aaron Harrison
4.2 MPG, 20% FG, 33.3% 3Pt, 0.6 Reb, 0.5 PTS, 0.0 +/-, 63 ORtg, 103 DRtg

Harrison like many rookies is going back and forth this season to the D-League. Hopefully he can make the most of his chances to stick around.

Terrence Jones (Houston Rockets)
22.3 MPG, 45.1% FG, 31.6% 3Pt, 4.5 Reb, 0.9 Ast, 9.3 PTS, -4.2 +/-, 104 ORtg, 110 DRtg

Jones has had injury problems and I wonder if things are starting to catch up with him. His numbers are way down this season. Houston has been playing better lately and so maybe Jones's numbers will improve, but something seems off.

Enes Kanter (Oklahoma City Thunder)
20.6 MPG, 56.1% FG, 7.6 Reb, 11.9 PTS, 1.4 +/-, 122 ORtg, 105 DRtg

Kanter's efficiency numbers since joining Oklahoma City are crazy. He doesn't play a ton of minutes but he's very effective when he is playing. A lot of people are picking Oklahoma City to win the West and upset both Golden State and San Antonio, so he will be getting a lot of coverage in the playoffs if he comes up big.

Brandon Knight (Phoenix Suns)
36.3 MPG, 42.4% FG, 33.3% 3Pt, 3.7 Reb, 5.1 Ast, 19.7 PTS, -3.6 +/-, 100 ORtg, 111 DRtg

Another bad year for Knight so far. Apparently he's been pretty banged up all year, so here's to hoping he gets healthy and things get better.

Trey Lyles (Utah Jazz)
17.4 MPG, 42.5% FG, 41.7% 3Pt, 4.0 Reb, 4.7 PTS, -0.3 +/-, 99 ORtg, 106 DRtg

As the year has progressed Lyles playing time and numbers have gotten more and better. He's on the right path at this point to a solid NBA career.

Nerlens Noel (Philadelphia 76ers)
29.3 MPG, 53.3% FG, 8.2 Reb, 1.6 Ast, 10.8 PTS, -7.1 +/-, 98 ORtg, 101 DRtg

After a horrible start to the season Noel seems to be playing much better as is Philadelphia. Hopefully this is a good trajectory.

Patrick Patterson (Toronto Raptors)
24.3 MPG, 39.5% FG, 34.7% 3Pt, 4.2 Reb, 1.2 Ast, 6.2 PTS, 5.3 +/-, 103 ORtg, 105 DRtg

Patterson and the Raptors are playing better and things are trending in the right direction for him.

Tayshaun Prince (Minnesota Timberwolves)
21.3 MPG, 47.4% FG, 2 Reb, 1 Ast, 3.3 PTS, -1.1 +/-, 102 ORtg, 112 DRtg

Keep getting them checks.

Julius Randle (Los Angeles Lakers)
27.4 MPG, 41.8% FG, 10.0 Reb, 1.7 Ast, 11.2 PTS, -6.2 +/-, 95 ORtg, 106 DRtg

His season continues to follow a fairly common rookie path. His numbers are slightly improved since we last checked in.

Rajon Rondo (Sacramento Kings)
35.0 MPG, 45.0% FG, 35.8% 3Pt, 6.2 Reb, 11.9 Ast, 11.9 PTS, -2.2 +/-, 104 ORtg, 107 DRtg

Another UK player on the Kings. The Suns and the Kings should have a big UK reunion game for fun.

Karl-Anthony Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves)
30.0 MPG, 54.1% FG, 10.1 Reb, 1.5 Ast, 16.7 PTS, -1.8 +/-, 111 Ortg, 104 DRtg

Towns has had a very solid rookie season so far. If you compare his efficiency numbers to say Jahlil Okafor you can see the difference. Okafor is 98 and 108. As I've said before pretty common rookie numbers. Towns may be a very good player.

John Wall (Washington Wizards)
36.0 MPG, 43.1% FG, 35.5% 3Pt, 4.5 Reb, 9.9 Ast, 20.1 PTS, 0.0 +/-, 102 ORtg, 106 DRtg

Wall and the Wizards continue to have a bad season. They will have to make a big push after the break to make the playoffs.

James Young (Boston Celtics)
8 MPG, 32.3% FG, 23.8% 3Pt, 1.1 Reb, 1.3 PTS, -1.4 +/-, 88 ORtg, 104 DRtg

Another ex-Cat who will probably be in China next season.

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