Saturday, February 13, 2016

What's On TV Tonight (1971)?

The Hooray-for-TV desk received the following letter from a long-time reader …
I hope that Rich Hoptown Eric didn't miss this:
This was a Saturday night, and this show aired between 6:30 and 7:30 Central time.

Also on February 13, 1971, the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers beat Tennessee Tech 67-57 over in Bowling Green.  This ran WKU's record to 13-4.  On the next Monday, WKU was ranked number 9 in the AP basketball poll.

On the same day, UK lost at Florida by the score of 74-65.  Their record fell to 16-4.  When the next poll came out, the Cats were ranked number 12.

Thanks, "GH in Falls Church," for the tip!


  1. Such an unusual way to stage that performance.

  2. Definitely. Here are some words and phrases I want to put into the comments about this post, but I haven't yet figured out how: "TV," "music," "over-rotation," "authenticity," "Frank Sinatra," "Mason Williams," "Johnny Cash," "Glen Campbell," "MTV," "Kate Bush" and "KISS."