Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More District Tournament Scores

1st District Semi-Final (at Hickman Co.):
Hickman Co. 51, Fulton Co. 42

2d District Semi-Final (at St. Mary):
McCracken Co. 60, St. Mary 33

4th District Semi-Final (at Calloway Co.):
Marshall Co. 56, Calloway Co. 44

6th District Semi-Final (at Union Co.):
Henderson Co. 63, Union Co. 39

7th District Semi-Finals (at Hopkins Co. Cent.):
Madisonville-N. Hopkins 85, Hopkins Co. Cent. 39
Caldwell Co. 78, Dawson Springs 60

8th District Semi-Finals (at Christian Co.):
(1) Christian Co. 82, Ft. Campbell 32
Hopkinsville 74, University Heights 57

All of the top-10 teams are still dancing, but some well-known schools were eliminated.  We bid farewell to Daviess Co., Lou. Fairdale, Cov. Holmes, Lex. Catholic, Pulaski Co., Harlan, Knott Co. Central, and Pike Co. Central.