Sunday, February 28, 2016

District Tournaments

Here are the District Title games in our end of the Commonwealth.  These games were played on Friday night, as God intended.  I have a feeling that the 8th District gave us a preview of the Second Region final:

1st District (at Hickman Co.):
Carlisle Co. 58, Hickman Co. 46

2d District (at St. Mary):
Paducah Tilghman 57, McCracken Co. 52

7th District (at Hopkins Co. Cent.):
Madisonville-N. Hopkins 80, Caldwell Co. 45

8th District (at Christian Co.):
(1) Christian Co. 70, Hopkinsville 65

Here's how the top 10 teams in the Commonwealth did in District play.  As you will see, they all made it to Regionals:

1.  Christian Co:  26-2 (8th District Champions)
2.  Mercer Co:  30-1 (46th District Champions)
3.  Scott Co:  27-5 (42d District Runners-Up)
4.  Cov. Catholic:  26-6 (35th District Champions)
5.  Bowling Green:  27-2 (14th District Champions)
6.  Lou. Male:  25-5 (26th District Runners-Up)
7.  Lex. Dunbar:  26-6 (43d District Champions)
8.  Lex. Henry Clay:  27-5 (42d District Champions)
9.  Lou. Trinity:  26-6 (27th District Champions)
10.  Bullitt East:  25-5 (24th District Runners-Up)

The big news here is that since Male lost to St. X in the final of the 26th District, Male will have to play Trinity in the Seventh Region Quarter-Finals.  That quarter-final game could end up deciding the title in what is traditionally the most powerful region in the Commonwealth.

Meanwhile, Scott Co., Lex. Dunbar, and Lex. Henry Clay will be battling for the championship of the 11th Region.  So even if all the top 10 teams beat all non-top 10 competition, no more than seven of the teams listed above can make the State Tournament.  That's a good example of why the Regional Tournaments are often the best part of the system.

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