Friday, February 26, 2016

District Finals

These games don't eliminate anyone, as all district finalists make to the regional tournament.  But it's always fun to win your district.  Check out this great coverage from Evan Dennison showing how tiny Augusta beat lordly Mason County 63 to 61 to win the 39th District.

Here's what happened in our neck of the woods, including some major drama down in Calloway County.  Also, I'd like to know more about how Webster County ended up with a record of 25-4 and the 6th District Championship:

3d District Final (at Graves Co.):
Graves Co. 76, Mayfield 50

4th District Final (at Calloway Co.):
Murray 50, Marshall Co. 49

5th District Final (at Lyon Co.):
Trigg Co. 67, Lyon Co. 61

6th District Final (at Union Co.):
Webster Co. 47, Henderson Co. 36 (First time Henderson County has lost the 6th District since 2012)

None of the top ten teams has been eliminated yet, and all will be going to regionals.  But number-3 Scott County lost the 42d District Final to number-8 Lexington Henry Clay by the score of 85 to 77.  And number-6 Louisville Male lost the 26th District Final to Lou. St. Xavier by the score of 75 to 72.  As usual, it seems likely that the 11th and 7th regional tournaments will be outstanding.

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  1. That Augusta district-tournament clip was fantastic. I love how the dribbler tries to re-tilt the defenses a couple of different times to try to free up somebody for an open pass, and it ends up coming down to some other guy picking up a loose ball and flinging it toward the goal. I haven't looked at all yet at high-school basketball in Kentucky this season, other than your summaries at the HP, and I'm looking forward to seeing the regional brackets come out.