Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Album Review: Hymns That Are Important to Us by Joey + Rory

So I randomly pick new releases to listen to and this one happened upon my queue recently. I didn't know anything about the duo and to be honest, though I love their selection of hymns, I wasn't all that crazy about their style. The songs felt too slick to me. Then I got to reading about the duo and found out that as they are releasing this album, Joey, the female lead and wife in the duo, is currently at home facing the end of her fight against terminal cancer. Talk about feeling like a jerk.

I said this about an album last year, there are times when reviewing an album makes no sense. Who knows what motivates people to make music, to make an album. I don't know much about this particular collection. I'm guessing these are earlier recordings they've put together into an album and I'm assuming they signed off on it, hopefully not something that their label put together. No matter what it is I find it to be an almost impossible listen knowing the story behind it.  I'll pass on saying anything else about the album and move on to my next album to review, but I will say that for a moment in time this album hit me hard with the idea of how petty I can be about the difficulties in my life, etc. 


  1. There was a woman at our church in North Carolina who still remembered the words of the hymns after she couldn't remember the names of her own husband and children. I'm sure that's not a particularly rare thing, but I'm still amazed that it was true.