Monday, January 18, 2016

Kentucky AP Boys' Basketball Poll

A tip of the hat to Dan Rieffer of Fox 56 in Lexington for tweeting this out, and to the HP Twitter Desk for catching the tweet.  This poll is annoyingly difficult to find.  I'm going on record right now as saying that I will be stunned if Mercer County wins the State Title.  I would love a final between Mercer County and Christian County.  But check out the teams right behind them:

1.  Mercer County:  19-0
2.  Christian County:  15-2
3.  Lex. Dunbar:  17-4
4.  Lou. Trinity:  16-4
5.  Scott County:  19-1
6.  Bowling Green:  16-2
7.  Lex. Lafayette:  15-3
8.  Bullitt East:  14-3
9.  Cov. Catholic:  13-6
10.  Lou. Male:  16-4

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