Monday, November 23, 2015

TUCFC: 2015 Week 13

It feels like this season has been all about upsets.  This time it was Michigan State (5 TUCFC Power Rating) beating Ohio State (8) 17-14 on a last second field goal.    Baylor (21) beating Oklahoma State (16) to not only win the TUCFC but also knock Oklahoma State out of the playoff picture.  It was Connecticut (78) beating undefeated Houston (28) 20-17 to end whatever dream the AAC had of making the playoff.

It's been an entertaining college football season, but it feels a bit negative with upsets throwing everything in confusion every week.  Coming into the year everyone was convinced that Ohio State would easily walk to another championship, now they are out of the playoff picture.

Let's take a look at the current playoff picture.

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Notre Dame
4. Michigan State

These are your four teams I believe unless one of them loses.  They definitely control their own destiny, unlike Oklahoma (11) who needs to not only keep winning, but others to lose.

Games to Watch this Week

Let's look at the games this week in terms of the conference standings.


Navy (9-1) at Houston (10-1)
     The winner of this game will win the AAC West Division. 

South Florida (7-4) at Central Florida (0-11)
     If South Florida wins and Temple loses, then South Florida wins the East Division.

Connecticut (6-5) at Temple (9-2)
     It would be strange if Temple lost and Houston lost and we ended up with a championship game between Navy and South Florida.


Clemson and North Carolina have both clinched.

Big 12

Oklahoma (10-1) at Oklahoma State (10-1)
     If Oklahoma wins they win the Big 12.

Big 10

Ohio State (10-1) at Michigan (9-2)
     The winner of this game will win the East if Michigan State loses their game.

Penn State (7-4) at Michigan State (10-1)
     If Michigan State wins it they win the East.

Iowa has clinched the West

Conference USA

Marshall (9-2) at Western Kentucky (9-2)
     The winner of this game wins the East.

Southern Mississippi (8-3) at Louisiana Tech (8-3)
     The winner of this game wins the West.  It's great how this worked out.


Ohio (7-4) at Northern Illinois (8-3)
     If Northern Illinois wins they win the West.

Western Michigan (6-5) at Toledo (9-1)
     If Toledo wins and Northern Illinois loses then Toledo wins the West

Bowling Green has won the East


Air Force and San Diego State have both clinched.

Pac 12

UCLA (8-3) at USC (7-4)
     The winner wins the South

Stanford has clinched the North, but they play Notre Dame this week.  If Stanford easily beats Notre Dame and then wins the Pac 12 they could be the surprise team getting into the playoffs.


Alabama (10-1) at Auburn (6-4)
     If Alabama wins they win the West.

Mississippi (8-3) at Mississippi State (8-3)
     If Mississippi wins and Alabama loses then Mississippi wins the West.

Florida has clinched the East.

Sun Belt

Arkansas State (7-3) at New Mexico State (3-7)
     If Arkansas State wins they win the Sun Belt.

TUCFC Power Rating

3Notre Dame10-1733.313705.5001.0002.0001,435.813
5Michigan State10-1962.469752.30084.813207.6881,422.269
8Ohio State10-1630.250665.75021.34431.8751,242.781
15Washington State8-3689.469537.52581.750204.000941.244
16Oklahoma State10-1456.313513.6507.90623.750938.306
20Louisiana State7-3645.031542.07585.906267.063834.137
23North Carolina10-1483.281639.725104.750254.125764.131
24Mississippi State8-3541.375525.42581.719246.063739.019
25Texas A&M8-3603.656523.713100.125307.750719.494

Top KY Team
38Western Kentucky9-2318.563434.27581.313242.438429.088