Monday, November 16, 2015

TUCFC: 2015 Week 12

I seem to remember a few times when Stanford (5 TUCFC Power Rating) tripped up Oregon (21) to ruin their perfect season and a chance at a national championship.  It had to happen at least once.  Well this year it was Oregon's turn to pull the rug out from under Stanford in what was the biggest upset of the weekend 38-36.  This takes the Pac 12 out of the playoff picture.  Baylor (26) lost at home to Oklahoma (15) 44-34.  This is another Big 12 team out of the mix.  Oklahoma State (9) who appears to be the Big 12's only remaining hope barely defended the TUCFC with a 35-31 victory over Iowa State (76).  Of course if Oklahoma can win out they still have a shot at making the playoff, but you have a feeling the Big 12 is on the brink. 

There were other upsets, but none that causes any major problems for our conferences.  Like Oklahoma State, Houston (10) hung on to stay undefeated, beating Memphis (13) 35-34.  It will be interesting to see where the playoff committee puts Houston this week. 

Let's take a look at the playoff picture.

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Notre Dame
4. Ohio State

At this point if these teams win out I think this will be the four playoff teams. 

Games to Watch This Week

Toledo (8-1) at Bowling Green (8-2)
     Not that they should be playing football on Tuesday's, but if you are so inclined to watch this should be a good game.  Toledo (29) and Bowling Green (28) have had some good wins this year against major conference opponents.  Bowling Green is 2-0 against Big 10 teams, while Toledo has beaten Arkansas (25) and Iowa State.

Michigan State (9-1) at Ohio State (10-0)
     This was supposed to be the match up of two 10-0 teams.  Everyone in the state of Oklahoma will be hoping that Michigan State (16) pulls off the upset.  

Baylor (8-1) at Oklahoma State (10-0)
     The TUCFC match up is a big game this weekend.  The interest in this game would be much higher if both teams were undefeated, but if Oklahoma State can pull off this win that will be a real shocker, defeating both TCU (20) and Baylor.

Louisville (6-4) at Pittsburgh (7-3)
     If Louisville (49) manages to upset Pittsburgh (36) it might boost them past WKU (39) as the top KY school in the Power Ratings.


TUCFC Power Rating

3Notre Dame9-1529.563570.6501.0002.0001,097.213
4Ohio State10-0480.125583.3130.0000.0001,063.438
9Oklahoma State10-0374.750472.8880.0000.000847.638
14Louisiana State7-2498.656472.10042.250141.875786.631
16Michigan State9-1530.063488.12568.531172.563777.094
17Southern California7-3520.031535.57591.469244.938719.200
20Texas Christian9-1271.594402.5881.00020.000653.181
22Washington State7-3454.750379.07562.531158.563612.731
24North Carolina9-1333.438523.38782.844201.375572.606

Top KY Team
39Western Kentucky8-2237.281340.13857.375194.500325.544


  1. I believe that Oklahoma State will definitely be in the playoff if they go 12-0, and I think Oklahoma has a very good chance of making the playoff if the Sooners finish 11-1. Part of my thinking here is that I expect Notre Dame to lose at Stanford on November 28. I also think Clemson is at grave risk of losing to North Carolina in the ACC title game.

  2. Ryen Russillo and Danny Kanell of the ESPN Radio program, Russillo and Kannell, were remarking the other day that they do not feel either the Pac 12 or Big 12 is out of the mix, simply because they assume there will be more losses among that top group of teams. I think they said that four of the top-10-ranked teams (in some poll) lost this past weekend. I listen to a lot of sports-talk radio these days.

    All I know is that WKU had the week off and UK lost to Vandy, so this past weekend was my least-favorite college-football weekend of the season thus far.