Monday, November 2, 2015

TUCFC: 2015 Week 10

OK so I just had a great idea.  At the end of the regular season, after the conference tournaments, instead of picking the four playoff teams, they should pick 6 to 8 teams that will be considered for the playoff.  Then they should arrange bowl games that would create match-ups to help select the final four.  For instance last year you could have pitted a Big 12 team against a Big 10 team to decide if TCU or Baylor would have gotten in over Ohio State.  Or maybe against an ACC team.  It would be fun and add a lot of interest to those particular bowl games which would be played around Christmas.  After those games were played the selection committee would get together and announce the four playoff teams.  The other teams would be matched up in bowl games with each other for New Years Day.  I think this would be fun and would help to create more conference rivalry.

Texas Christian (13 TUCFC Power Rating) defended the TUCFC once again, that's 13 times in a row, with an easy win over West Virginia (49).  Clemson (1) won big over North Carolina State (54) and have now moved into the top spot in the TUCFC Power Ratings.  In other big games Notre Dame (4) won over Temple (22) and Stanford (6) won over Washington State (47).  This sets up a big game between Stanford and Notre Dame in week 13 assuming neither team loses any games between now and then. 

Here is the current playoff picture after Week 9

1. Clemson
2. LSU
3. Michigan State
4. Notre Dame

Week 10 though should be a big week in changing things up, let's look at the big games this week. 

Games to Watch This Week

Florida State (7-1) at Clemson (8-0)
     If Florida State (27) wins then the ACC is out of the playoff picture, it's that simple.  For Clemson to make it into the playoffs they have to stay undefeated and they need other big ACC opponents to keep winning their other games. 

LSU (7-0) at Alabama (7-1)
     The difference here from the ACC is that if Alabama (8) wins they simply move into the SEC spot for the playoff. 

Texas Christian (8-0) at Oklahoma State (8-0)
     What hurts the Big 12 is that it is very top heavy and so far none of the top teams have played.  From now to the end of the year their fate in the playoff will be decided. 

Notre Dame (7-1) at Pittsburgh (6-2)
     Pittsburgh (37) had a tough loss last week against North Carolina (30), but a win at home against Notre Dame would be huge.  This game could have major implications on the playoff.

Navy (6-1) at Memphis (8-0)
    Navy (32) has had a great season as has Memphis (12).  This should be a good game.  Memphis needs to blow Navy out to really impress the selection committee. 

Duke (6-2) at North Carolina (7-1)
     I can't stand Duke (38) but this should be a match-up of two 7-1 teams.  This game has real meaning in the playoff picture assuming Clemson goes into the ACC championship game undefeated. 

Penn State (7-2) at Northwestern (6-2)
     Northwestern (20) beat Stanford (6) and Duke (38) so this game will be important in how it effects the playoff picture down the road. 

TUCFC Power Rating

2Louisiana State7-0263.875350.7750.0000.000614.650
3Michigan State8-0277.250325.5130.0000.000602.763
4Notre Dame7-1260.938343.3251.0002.000601.263
5Ohio State8-0217.625383.5500.0000.000601.175

Top KY Team
35Western Kentucky7-293.156255.06316.53195.500236.188


  1. Go, TCU.

    Another thing you could do is just say all of the undefeated teams at the end of the regular season get into a playoff of however many teams that is--then you bracket it with however many byes or whatever you need to make it eventually work out to semifinals and a final, and you blind draw the whole deal.

  2. I like a Swiss Pairs Tournament. Let's imagine we took all the teams in I-A and I-AA, and put them all into a single pool of around 256 teams. In the first week, every team would play a local rival -- Kentucky would play Louisville, Eastern would play Morehead, Western would play Murray, and so on.

    OK, after the first week, you play the team closest to you that has the same record as you. And then after the second week, you play the team closest to you that has the same record as you -- but that you haven't already played. And this keeps up for 10 weeks.

    So let's assume that Texas Christian wins its first five games. It's schedule would look something like this:

    Week One: TCU beats SMU
    Week Two: TCU beats Baylor
    Week Three: TCU beats Houston
    Week Four: TCU beats LSU
    Week Five: TCU beats Memphis

    Now at this point, there are only eight undefeated teams left. After three more week, if it kept winning, TCU would be the only undefeated team left:

    Week Six: TCU beats Iowa
    Week Seven: TCU beats Stanford

    And now Ohio State and TCU are the only two unbeatens, and they meet in Week Eight.

    Week Eight: TCU beats Ohio State

    But it's not over. There are still four games left. First, since there are no other teams with the same record as TCU, the Frogs have to play the teams closest to them with a record of 7-1 (that they haven't already played).

    Week Nine: TCU beats Oklahoma
    Week Ten: TCU beats Alabama
    Week Eleven: TCU beats Stanford

    And then, in the last week of the season, every team plays another local rival.

    Week Twelve: TCU v. Texas Tech

    Now if everyone went through this type of schedule, by the end of the year you would have a lot more information about which team was really the best. Also, every week would be full of great games, because teams would always be playing local teams close to their own level. (UK, for example, would usually end up with a bunch of games against schools like Vandy, Miami of Ohio, Eastern, Cincinnati, and Morehead.)

    1. In my hurry, I have TCU playing Stanford in both Week Seven and Week Eleven. Obviously, that's not right. They would play Michigan State in Week Eleven.

  3. Here's an example of how it would work for a team like UK:

    Week One: UK loses to Louisville (0-1)
    Week Two: UK beats Morehead (1-1)
    Week Three: UK loses to Western (1-2)
    Week Four: UK beats Eastern (2-2)
    Week Five: UK loses to Cincinnati (2-3)
    Week Six: UK beats Vandy (3-3)
    Week Seven: UK loses to Indiana (3-4)
    Week Eight: UK loses to W. Virginia (3-5)
    Week Nine: UK beats Marshall (4-5)
    Week Ten: UK loses to Purdue (4-6)
    Week Eleven: UK beats South Carolina (5-6)
    Week Twelve: UK loses to Tennessee (5-7)

    That strikes me as a lot more fun than the typical UK schedule. There's a lot of rivalry games, and you don't waste your time on games with schools like Florida and LSU -- unless you're good enough to compete with them.

  4. Swiss Pairs would also be fun for Kentucky High School Football.