Sunday, November 22, 2015

'Not One, Not Two, But Three Straight Class A State Titles for Pikeville'

Bravo, WYMT of Hazard, for this terrific report on the 1987, '88 and '89 Class A state-champion Pikeville Panthers football teams

Everything about this thing is fantastic. For example, we get some great footage of stadiums, like Pineville High's ("PINE is FINE") ...

Also, it's great seeing all of the helmets in the modern-day "Sports Overtime" studio ...

And, watching this report led me to reading about the great Wikipedia history of 1969-launched WKYH (for "KentuckY Hazard")/1985-renamed WYMT ("We're Your Mountain Television")

Hooray for Jay Crawford, Hillard Howard and his champion Panthers, the Pineville sign and press-box painters, the KHSAA championship organizers at U of L, the Wikipedia editors, Lauren Cash and the WYMT-studio helmet arrangers, Walter Camp and Philo Farnsworth and everyone else who in the last 46-plus years had some hand in bringing about this happy past 15 minutes this morning for me. Thank God for all of you.

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  1. Love the helmet displays. I have about 20 mini-helmets in my rec room at home, and whichever team is holding the Unofficial College Football Championship gets pride of place.