Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Made in Kentucky: Christmas Gifts

I have not lived in Kentucky since 1994, but I still like to buy gifts made in Kentucky for Christmas gifts.  Here are some sites you can shop at. 

Gethsemani Farms:  When I lived in Lexington I loved to take trips up to the Abbey of Gethsemani, and so I always find it fun to buy gifts from their farm shop.  Their fruit cake is always a big hit.  Having seen the movie Something, Anything recently got me to wanting that fruit cake even more this year.  

Maker's Mark Gift Shop:  Another big hit are the bourbon chocolates from Maker's Mark.  I have never given these to anyone that they didn't rave about how much they enjoyed them.  Over the past few years they have expanded their online store to have all sorts of items.  It was shopping here that I discovered Louisville Golf.  

Berea College Crafts:  Living in Lexington is a lot of fun because you can run off to Gethsemani one day and hit Berea the next.  I love going to the Berea store on campus, always find it a lot of fun, and then to head downtown and see all the stuff there as well.  A trip to Berea is a must around Christmas if you live around Lexington.  Luckily I can still order stuff through the Berea store online.  One of these days I'll be rich enough hopefully to buy some of their furniture, but for now I will have to be content with some of their lower end products.  Fun wooden toys and beautiful ceramics are always a fun way to go.

The National Quilt Museum:  If you live anywhere around Paducah, KY you must go visit the National Quilt Museum.  It is one of the best museums I have ever been to.  A very well run establishment and they sale very attractive items in their gift shop.  Money goes to support the museum which is a good thing and they have very nice products.  I'm not sure where they are manufactured, but you do get a good feeling for helping to support the museum.  Sad to say I accidentally burned one of my oven pads I bought at the museum maybe 20 years ago.  Maybe time to make another trip there. 

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill:  Another wonderful place to visit when you live in Lexington is Shakertown, and they have a wonderful gift shop.  Some of the items they designate as being made in KY, others, well you might want to call them to find out where they are made.  Still it's a fun online site to visit.

Kentucky State Parks:  Sad to say for those of us who live outside of Kentucky we cannot shop the state park gift shops online, but if you live in Kentucky and you want to buy some nice Kentucky made crafts then check out your closest state park.  These shops have wonderful local crafts, and you get to visit a beautiful state park in the process.

Kentucky Artisan Center, BereaThe center has been open now since 2003 and was established with help from the state legislature to support local artisans.  I've never been sad to say, but still have dreams of getting back to KY for a big trip with the family one of these days. 

Meacham Country Hams:  Nothing says Kentucky to me like country ham and biscuits.  Something they don't have much here in Idaho.  In fact I'm thinking of buying some to bring to this years Thanksgiving potluck at work. 

Louisville Golf If you want to play golf with a real wooden driver head to their website and check out their stuff.  I play with a Louisville Golf driver, 3 wood, 4 wood, 15 wood, and putter.  Love them all.  Can't recommend them enough.  One of these days I hope to go there and get sized for a set of clubs.