Thursday, October 8, 2015

TUCFC: 2015 Week 6

One of the things that's fun about early season college football is that all sorts of teams you never think about have a chance to win the national championship.  Northwestern this year is a great example of one of those teams.  By beating Minnesota this past Saturday to go 5-0 they moved into the top spot of the TUCFC Power Ratings.  They are helped greatly by who they have beaten.  They beat Stanford (14) and Duke (21).  That's two top 25 teams according to the TUCFC Power Ratings and that's pretty good for early season victories.  It also helps that Stanford has been killing people and that helps to boost Northwestern's ranking.  Definitely one of the games to watch this week will be Northwestern having to go to Michigan (9).  If they beat Michigan on the road, Northwestern will become a legitimate contender for one of the final playoff spots.  If they don't, well it was fun being on top of a poll somewhere.

TCU defended the TUCFC last week by crushing Texas, but travel to Kansas State (39) this week.  This will be a tough game I would assume for TCU and another game to watch this week.

Games to Watch This Week

TCU (5-0) at Kansas State (3-1)
     This should be a high scoring affair like most Big 12 games.  These two teams are 4-4 lifetime against each other.  Texas Christian won last year 41-20 at home.

California (5-0) at Utah (4-0)
     These two teams are getting very little press it seems to me despite the fact that Utah is currently ranked 5th in the AP.  But as I heard someone say in the national media the other day, they would think of Utah more highly but for the fact that they are Utah.  The TUCFC has them ranked Utah (10) and California (18).

Florida (5-0) at Missouri (4-1)
     Missouri (42) was ranked earlier in the year, but interest in them has fallen off.  Still this will be a big game for them at home.  Should be a good game and if Florida (2) moves to 6-0 they will start to get some national attention.

Miami (Fla) (3-1) at Florida State (4-0)
     Florida State (26) is quietly undefeated.  It's worth keeping an eye on them as long as they are winning.

Northwestern (5-0) at Michigan (4-1)
     These are two teams with great defenses.  This should be a really close game.

Navy (4-0) at Notre Dame (4-1)
     Navy (20) destroyed Air Force (56) last week.  It will be interesting to see if they can beat Notre Dame (30).

Illinois (4-1) at Iowa (5-0)
     When's the last time these two played a meaningful football game.  Iowa (19) has a chance to move to 6-0.  Any major conference team at 6-0 has to get some attention.

TUCFC Power Rating

3Texas Christian5-032.813161.4750.0000.000194.288
6Texas A&M5-045.281139.7000.0000.000184.981
7Ohio State5-036.906135.7130.0000.000172.619

Top KY Team
28Western Kentucky4-118.719114.8002.2506.500124.769

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