Monday, October 19, 2015

NFL15: Almost Through Week 6

Now that Miami has won a second game, I'm ready to think about the NFL again. Here are my standings ("-e," "-n," "-s" and "-w" indicate East, North, South and West division leaders, respectively):

AFC (five or six teams will qualify for the playoffs)

Denver Broncos-w (NFL97, NFL98 champs) 6-0
Cincinnati Bengals-n 6-0
Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL74, 75, 78, 79, 05, 08 champ; 01*, 04* co-champ) 4-1
New York Jets (NFL68 champ) 4-1 
Indianapolis Colts-s (NFL70, NFL06 champ; NFL03*, NFL14* co-champ) 3-2
Buffalo Bills 3-2
Miami Dolphins (NFL72, NFL73 champ; NFL85* co-champ) 2-3
Oakland Raiders (NFL76, NFL80, NFL83 champ) 2-3
Houston Texans 2-4
San Diego Chargers (NFL07* co-champ) 2-4
Cleveland Browns 2-4
Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL97* c0-champ) 1-4
Tennessee Titans 1-4
Baltimore Ravens-n (NFL00, NFL12 champ; NFL11* co-champ) 1-5
Kansas City Chiefs (NFL69 champ) 1-5

NFC (six teams will qualify for the playoffs)

Green Bay Packers-n (NFL66, NFL67, NFL10 champ; NFL97* co-champ) 6-0
Carolina Panthers-s (NFL03* co-champ) 5-0
Atlanta Falcons 5-1
Arizona Cardinals-w 4-2
Minnesota Vikings 3-2
New York Giants-e (NFL86, NFL90 champ; NFL07*, NFL11* co-champ) 3-2
Dallas Cowboys-e (NFL71, NFL77, NFL92, NFL93, NFL95 champ) 2-2
Philadelphia Eagles (NFL04* co-champ) 2-3
St. Louis Rams (NFL99 champ) 2-3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL02 champ) 2-3
Seattle Seahawks-w (NFL13 champ, NFL14* co-champ) 2-4
San Francisco 49ers (NFL81, NFL84, NFL88, NFL89, NFL94 champ) 2-4
New Orleans Saints (NFL09 champ) 2-4
Chicago Bears (NFL85* co-champ) 2-4
Washington Redskins (NFL82, NFL87, NFL91 champ) 2-4
Detroit Lions 1-5

Finally, I just want to say again that people are so, so smart ...