Wednesday, October 7, 2015

NFL AP Poll: Week 5

Not a whole lot of movement in the AP Poll this week, although it's surprising to see the Rams so high:

1.  New England Patriots:  3-0
2.  Green Bay Packers:  4-0
3.  Denver Broncos:  4-0
4.  Atlanta Falcons:  4-0
5.  Cincinnati Bengals:  4-0
6.  Carolina Panthers:  4-0
7.  Arizona Cardinals:  3-1
8.  Seattle Seahawks:  2-2
9.  New York Jets:  3-1
10.  St. Louis Rams:  2-2

The Redskins vaulted from 25th to 21st with their win over Philadelphia, but upcoming games against the Falcons and Jets should send the Washington Football Team back into the high 20's.  The Dolphins fell from 24th to 29th after losing to the Jets in London, and responded by firing their coach.

The Panthers and Jets are on bye this week, so only eight of the top 10 teams will be in action.  The Game of the Week is in Cincinnati, where the Number 5 Bengals will host the Number 8 Seahawks.  The other big game features the number 10 Rams traveling to Wisconsin for a showdown with the Number 2 Packers.  It's not a lot to choose from, but you're supposed to be watching the baseball playoffs anyway.

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  1. the statistically greatest interim head coach in dolphins’ history was Todd Bowles, who finished out Tony Sparano’s term before Joe Philbin got the job. oddly, it was Bowles who coached the jets to a win over the dolphins in Philbin’s last game, so maybe we should’ve just stuck with Todd, whose winning percentage as miami’s head coach (.667) was better than even Don Shula’s (.659).

    the statistically worst interim head coach in dolphins’ history was Jim Bates, who swept up after Dave Wannstedt before Nick Saban dropped by. but it’s pretty remarkable that Bates led the dolphins to a 3-4 mark after miami opened the 2004 season 1-8. also, Bates was the winning miami coach in the famous “The Night Courage Wore Orange” game.

    Dan Campbell is the first interim head coach of the dolphins who was born since the dolphins last won a super bowl. he was born in 1976, and the dolphins went 6-8 that season (Shula’s first-ever losing season with miami). finally, at 6-foot-5, Dan Campbell almost certainly has to be the tallest head coach (“permanent” or interim) in miami history.

    All-Time Miami Dolphins Interim Head Coaches and Their Records
    Jim Bates, 2004, 3-4
    Todd Bowles, 2011, 2-1
    Dan Campbell, 2015, ?