Saturday, October 10, 2015

MLB Playoffs: Day 2

Friday may have been the last day of the year with four games, and the games were relatively entertaining:

1.  Texas fell behind Toronto 4-3, then tied the game in the 8th, and then put up two runs on four two-out singles to win 6-4.  The Rangers now lead two games to zero, with the next two games at home.  Toronto had a high-scoring line-up during the regular season, but post-season baseball usually does not reward free-swinging teams.

2.  The Royals, down one game to zero at home, fell behind Houston 4-1, but fought back for a badly-needed 5-4 win.  Kansas City ground out a lot of close victories in the playoffs last year, and they proved their mettle again with this hard-fought win.

3.  The Cardinals, who are pretty good at this whole playoff thing, shut down the Cubs with a dominant performance from John Lackey, and cruised to a 4-0 win in St. Louis.

4.  The Dodgers, who were hoping to get off to a strong start at home behind ace Clayton Kershaw, failed to get him enough runs, and lost to the Mets 3 to 1.  Kershaw may be the greatest active pitcher -- he has a lifetime record of 114-56 in the regular season, with three Cy Young Awards and an MVP Award.  With him on their staff, the Dodgers have gone to the playoffs in 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, and 2015.  But Kershaw has yet to pitch in the World Series, in part because he is 1-6 in the post-season.  If the Dodgers can't correct things tonight, they will be in big trouble.

National League Divisional Series
St. Louis leads Chicago 1-0
New York leads Los Angeles 1-0

American League Divisional Series
Kansas City and Houston are tied 1-1
Texas leads Toronto 2-0

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