Wednesday, October 21, 2015

MLB Playoffs: Day 13

Yesterday was the day the drama died in the two League Championship Series.  In Toronto, the Royals jumped all over Toronto and rolled to a 14-2 victory.  Kansas City now leads 3 games to 1.  The Blue Jays have a great offense, but they seem to be running out of pitching -- they've given up 33 runs in four games in this series.

In Chicago, the Cubs continue to keep waiting for homers that just aren't there against the Mets' pitching staff.  I watched the Nats lose one close game after another against the Mets this year, and now the same thing is happening to the Cubs.  They have scored only 5 runs in three games.  Last night, they went down 5-2, and they now trail 3 games to zero.  The game ended in the rain, which was appropriate, because you could see the hope and joy of Chicago's long and pleasant season being washed away.

Of course, this is baseball and anything can happen.  But for now, it looks like New York and Kansas City in the World Series.

National League Championship Series:
New York leads Chicago 3-0

American League Championship Series:
Kansas City leads Toronto 3-1


  1. After 4 innings, the Blue Jays lead Game 5 by the score of 1 to 0.

    In 1985, the Royals were down 3-1 and came back to win the pennant over Toronto. Blue Jay fans will hope that they can return the favor this year.

  2. The Blue Jays are getting some good pitching from Marco Estrada, who is mowing down the Royals so far.

  3. Estrada puts down the Royals 1-2-3 in the 6th, and the Blue Jays continue to lead 1-0 after 5 1/2. FanGraphs give Toronto a 74.3 percent chance of victory.

  4. Edinson Volquez (13-9, 3.55 E.R.A. in the regular season), pitched well for the Royals through the first five innings. But in the sixth, Volquez lost his control. He gave away a walk, a hit batsman, a walk, and another walk. That put Toronto up 2-0 with the bases loaded and no one out. So the Royals have dispensed with Volquez's services for the rest of the afternoon.

  5. The Royals bring in Kelvin Herrera. He retires one Blue Jay, but then Troy Tulowitzki whacks a double to clear the bases. Toronto's up 5-0, and the Blue Jays have a 97.4 percent chance of victory.

  6. Note to college guys: No girl is ever, ever going to ask why you have a gold PlayStation 4.

  7. After 7 1/2 innings, the Blue Jays lead 6-1 and we are apparently heading back to K.C. for Game Six.

  8. Toronto wins 7-1, and the Royals now lead the series three games to two.