Monday, October 19, 2015

MLB Playoffs: Day 11

On paper, the NLCS between the Cubs and the Mets looked like a humdinger -- two of the nation's biggest cities going head-to-head with two red-hot teams.  But the first two games of the series -- in a very cold Citi Field in Queens -- were snoozers.  Last night, for the second straight game, the Cubs' high-powered offense simply didn't show up.  The Mets got three runs in the bottom of the first -- in large part due to another homer by the red-hot Dan Murphy -- and cruised to an easy 4-1 win.

So let's review the bidding:

1.  The Blue Jays and Cubs got this far on the basis of lots and lots of hitting power.

2.  The Blue Jays and Cubs each scored a total of three runs in the first two games of the series.

3.  The Blue Jays and Cubs are both going home, down two games to zero.

4.  If the Blue Jays and Cubs don't start hitting soon, these series could be over more quickly than anticipated.

National League Championship Series:
New York leads Chicago 2-0

American League Championship Series:
Kansas City leads Toronto 2-0

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