Thursday, October 15, 2015

AP NFL Poll: Week 6

Those top five teams are looking pretty solid:

1.  New England Patriots:  4-0
2.  Green Bay Packers:  5-0
3.  Cincinnati Bengals:  5-0
4.  Denver Broncos:  5-0
5.  Atlanta Falcons:  5-0
6.  Arizona Cardinals:  4-1
7.  Carolina Panthers:  4-0
8.  New York Jets:  3-1
9.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  3-2
T10.  Seattle Seahawks:  2-3
T10.  New York Giants:  3-2

It's surprising to still have six undefeated teams, and it's unusual to see both of the New York teams in the top 10.

The Redskins (2-3) took the Falcons into overtime before losing, so they stay at 21.  The Dolphins (1-3) -- who beat the Redskins in Washington -- dropped from 29th to 30th.

The Game of the Week is a replay of XLIII, as the number 6 Cardinals travel to Pittsburgh to meet the number 9 Steelers.  The number 7 Panthers are traveling to Seattle to take on the Seahawks, who need a win to stay in the top 10.

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