Monday, September 21, 2015


The National Football League's 50th season started today (Sept. 21) 1969 with the following games:

-- San Francisco 49ers 12 at Atlanta Falcons 24
-- Washington Redskins 26 at New Orleans Saints 20
-- Chicago Bears 0 at Green Bay Packers 17
-- Cleveland Browns 27 at Philadelphia Eagles 20
-- St. Louis Cardinals 3 at Dallas Cowboys 24 
-- Detroit Lions 13 at Pittsburgh Steelers 16
-- Minnesota Vikings 23 at New York Giants 24
-- Los Angeles Rams 27 at Baltimore Colts 20

The AFL season is already two weeks old after today 1969, and my Dolphins are 0-2! This item ran on A1 of The Miami News the morning after the first loss:

Here's what happened in the Sept. 14, 1969, Week 1 games:

-- Miami Dolphins 21 at Cincinnati Bengals 27
-- Boston Patriots 7 at Denver Broncos 35
-- New York Jets 33 at Buffalo Bills 19
-- Kansas City Chiefs 27 at San Diego Chargers 9
-- Houston Oilers 17 at Oakland Raiders 21

Then, in Week 2, here were the results:

-- Miami Dolphins 17 at Oakland Raiders 20 (on Saturday, Sept. 20)
-- Kansas City Chiefs 31 at Boston Patriots 0
-- New York Jets 19 at Denver Broncos 21
-- Houston Oilers 17 at Buffalo Bills 3
-- San Diego Chargers 20 at Cincinnati Bengals 34

I wonder if Bob Griese played much Jeannie C. Riley or Jack Greene on his weeknight country-music radio show.


  1. This 1969 NFL Logo does a better job with the "50" theme than does the gold and navy logo the NFL is going with for the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl.

  2. One of my hopes for heaven is that all media from the history of this world will be available for unlimited consumption. Another of my hopes is that I will be interested in media from this world, and another still is that time will exist in such a way that I have no regrets about consuming media instead of doing something else with my time. Of course, my primary hope about heaven is that I get to go.

    In any event, I'm sad to report that archives of The Miami News disappeared from the free public Internet about two months after this post--and about three months before the Dolphins hired Don Shula away from Baltimore in my pretend 1970 world.