Thursday, September 24, 2015


After two weeks, the Seahawks, Colts, Ravens, Eagles, and Giants are all 0-2 -- while the Cardinals, Bengals, Jets, Falcons and Panthers are 2-0.  NFL fans are not used to these sorts of results, and the voters in the AP Poll are trying to figure them out as well.  You don't often see winless teams in the top 10, but the pollsters have decided to give the Seahawks at least one more chance:

1.  New England Patriots:  2-0
2.  Green Bay Packers:  2-0
3.  Denver Broncos:  2-0
4.  Cincinnati Bengals:  2-0
5.  Arizona Cardinals:  2-0
6.  Dallas Cowboys:  2-0
7.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  1-1
8.  Seattle Seahawks:  0-2
T9.  New York Jets:  2-0
T9.  Carolina Panthers:  2-0

The Dolphins fell from 15 to a tie for 18th after their loss to Jacksonville; the Redskins went from 28 to 21 after their win over the Rams.  But the Redskins are going to get pounded by the 0-2 Giants tonight, and it wouldn't surprise me if 21 was their highest ranking of the whole season.

 There are no games featuring two top 10 teams this week, so you have my permission to take the week off and go do something else.

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