Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NFL AP Poll: Week 4

Here is the latest AP Poll.  It's still early, but the five teams at the top of the poll are looking very strong so far:

1.  New England Patriots:  3-0
2.  Green Bay Packers:  3-0
3.  Denver Broncos:  3-0
T4.  Cincinnati Bengals:  3-0
T4.  Arizona Cardinals:  3-0
6.  Atlanta Falcons:  3-0
7.  Carolina Panthers:  3-0
8.  Seattle Seahawks:  1-2
T9.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  2-1
T9.  Buffalo Bills:  2-1

The Dolphins are at 24 after their loss to Buffalo, while the Redskins are at 25 after losing to New York.

Byes start this week, which is my annual signal to start paying attention to the baseball playoffs.  My interest in the NFL will wane until we get back to playing full schedules.  And just to underscore the point, there are no top-ten match-ups this week, so you have my permission to do something else this weekend.

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