Monday, September 7, 2015


The NFL is helping me better relate to the tea partiers.

That said, I've gotten myself pretty geeked up for the Miami Dolphins' 50th season. I watched parts of three of the four preseason games, and, over the weekend, I printed out the team's preseason depth chart and marked it up with final cuts.

The asterisk next to Jay Ajayi's name indicates he is "reserve/designated-to-return." (I've heard he's supposed to be back from injury in Week 8 of the regular season.) And then the dots next to guys with scratched-out names indicate those guys were put on Miami's "practice squad." One of the things I need to finally learn about this season is how the practice squad works.

Anyway, for as long as it's fun to do so, I'm going to keep track of the Dolphins' season at the HP. The first game is Sunday at the Washington Redskins.

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  1. Well, we have VERY exciting news from the Miami Dolphins' practice squad: It now includes former Western Kentucky University Hilltopper (!) Jonathan Dowling! I'm not sure when he was added, but on Sept. 4 he Tweeted that he (presumably) was "Tryna Make Sumen Outta Nuttn." So that might've been when. In any event, he's now a practice-squad Dolphin, along with center Sam Brenner, defensive tackle Deandre Coleman, running back Jonas Gray, tackle Donald Hawkins, linebacker Mike Hull, wide receiver Uzuma Nwachukwu, tight end Tim Semich, tight end Jake Stoneburner and safety Cedric Thompson.

    In active-roster news, Miami now has a new third-string quarterback in Logan Thomas, a rookie from Virginia Tech. I'm not going to hold myself to keeping up with the roster fluctuations with such granularity. But the NFL regular season opens on Sunday; Miami is one of 31 teams who could end up being the champion, and I'm really excited.