Saturday, August 8, 2015

England Wins the Ashes

On Friday, England won its third match in four tries against Australia in the ongoing Ashes series.  Since England leads 3 matches to 1, and there is only one match left, England has regained the Ashes from their ancient rivals.

A cricket match lasts for two innings.  In its one innings, England scored 391 runs.  In its two innings, Australia scored only 313 runs.  So we say that England won by an innings and 78 runs.

From 1989 to 2003, Australia won the Ashes eight times in a row.  But since then, England has won five of the last seven.

This was the 69th Ashes battle, going all the way back to 1882.  The all-time record now stands as follows:

England 32
Australia 32
Draws 5

The Ashes will next be up for grabs in Australia, starting around Christmas of 2016.

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