Friday, July 24, 2015

The Freakin' Weekend (1969)

Let's get this party started early.

I got so wrapped up in the moonshot this past week that I didn't much pay attention to anything else the last several days. Hate it that I missed Paducah Jack Staulcup rocking the VFW last Friday. Maybe 1969 Rach and I will get out and check out Jay Dee and the Dee Jays or Gerald Johnson & the Castaways this weekend, though.

Similar regrets around the movies. What's on now (on the left) doesn't much grab me, but the Skyway double feature last weekend looked like fun.

Ellis Park's running up in Henderson, or maybe we'll check out the "thrills, spills & chills" out on Butler Road ...

I definitely want to get by the bank before it closes today to go ahead and get our tickets for the Billy Graham movie at the Western Kentucky State Fair next week.

The Nationals won the All-Star Game again. Oh, well, ... COME ON, A'S!

And, of course, glorious TV ... 

It appears that NFL Action sadly might be over for the summer, but never fear--Rich Hoptown 1969 me used my fancy new video-recording device to tape earlier episodes, including this great thing ...


  1. Replies
    1. One thing I really respect about this movie is that they put in a lot of exciting racing footage and a lot of great Marty Robbins music and then filled in everything else around that. We're having a great time at the Skyway Drive-in.

    2. Well, that was anti-climatic. I don't even know what the heck happened. I guess everybody's OK. I don't know. Oh, well, who cares? Here's Marty Robbins singing to a little girl to end the thing.

  2. Jack Nicklaus is coming around. There was some talk earlier this year that maybe his best days were behind him, but he was on the fringe of contention at the British Open. Now he's the leader after two rounds of the American Golf Classic in Akron, Ohio. "For the first time this year I feel I can make a putt and that's better than thinking you can't make anything," the 210-pound Ohio strongboy told Bob Green for the Associated Press.

    CBS has Round 3 late this afternoon.

  3. Porter Wagoner, too--but it appears to be pre-empted this Saturday evening by the Miss Kentucky pageant!

  4. My favorite part about this series is how 1969 Hoptown Eric has lots of money.

  5. Yes, it's excellent! I flip through a 1969 Sports Illustrated or whatever sometimes and see ads for fancy cars or whatever, and I just think to myself, "Well, I guess I bought one of those." It's great.

    Sometimes I try to figure out how he got all of this money, but I'm not going to worry about that too much.

  6. Hope Lange, as the widowed writer who moves into the Maine home of a long-dead sea captain in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, got the Emmy in 1969 (and again in 1970) for "Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Comedy Series." It's an odd show.

  7. The Kentucky New Era had an AP story over the 1969 weekend about the 30th College All-Star football game, coming up Friday at Soldier Field in Chicago. This is, of course, thrilling to think about.

    Joe Namath just this past week rescinded his retirement and returned to work with the Super Bowl-champion Jets. The AP said he looked good in his first scrimmage with the boys, and the champs have a rookie running back, George Nock, who is reportedly playing well.

    Things don’t seem to be lining up for the college stars. Bills-holdout O.J. Simpson (the 1968 Heisman winner and top overall draft choice out of USC) isn’t playing; neither are utility back Leroy Keyes of Purdue and the Eagles, halfback Ron Johnson of Michigan and the Browns, defensive tackle Joe Greene of North Texas State and the Steelers, wide receiver Ron Sellars of Florida State and Patriots, tight end Ted Kwalick of Penn State and the 49ers or guard George Buehler of Stanford and the Raiders—all first-round choices.

    On the other hand, the all-stars do have back Otto Graham, the ex-Redskins coach, who engineered the last two beatdowns of the professional champs: 20-17 over the Packers in 1963 and 35-19 over the Lions in 1958. Graham has had 17 of the 26 first-round picks among the collegians’ workouts at Northwestern University the last couple of 1969 weeks, including Greg Cook, the former University of Cincinnati quarterback and No. 6-overall pick in the combined AFL/NFL draft, by Paul Brown and the hometown Bengals.

    ABC is televising Friday’s night’s game!

  8. Tell you what ... I had a giant Marty Robbins 1969 weekend. He was on the Johnny Cash Show, too.