Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Oh, Kentucky (1969)

More from the Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era editions of July 1-8, 1969:

Here comes Minit Mart, which launched two years ago in Lexington and is headed to all sort of innovations in the next four decades, including VHS rentals, superlative Godfather's Pizza sales in Brownsville and elsewhere and the "Minit Mix." Of course, Houchens, founded 50 years earlier in Glasgow, knows how to fight fire with fire.

It's not yet the #freakinweekend, but ... 

“It is, without a doubt, the best (the Academy Awards not withstanding) motion picture to come to Hopkinsville in a number of years.”

Of course, most of us aren't thinking about movies during the work week ...


We might allow ourselves to daydream a bit about vacation, however ...


  1. It's right about this time that 1969 me would start to wonder if Charles Schulz isn't quite as funny as he was just a few years ago. I'll go back and forth on this question for several years, and then finally give up in the mid-1970's when Peanuts starts using the talking schoolhouse as a character.

    Still, from around 1956 until the early 1970's, Peanuts is one of the greatest pieces of popular entertainment in U.S. history.

  2. Hear, hear.

    Also, I'm going to start saying "Jim gets sound advice from a pro" to myself whenever I run into some problem at work.