Sunday, June 28, 2015

What's Happening This Weekend (in Hoptown, in 1969)?

Well, we could go to a movie.

The movie I'm most interested in among these is Yours, Mine and Ours, which is really sweet and wonderful. I love Lucille Ball, and I especially love Lucy when she plays it more straight. I was mistaken in thinking this movie was a blood ancestor of Brady Bunch; regardless, I like it a great deal.

I looked at about 10 minutes of the Don Knotts movie on YouTube, and it's, basically, what if Hugh Hefner visited Mayberry? It's always good to see all of the Andy Griffith Show bit players turn up in his movies, at least.

There's always good, ol' TV, of course ... a Dragnet rerun, for example ... baseball on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon ... the "Coaches All-America" football game ... etc., etc. There's always TV! Actually, the program I'm most interested in is this hour-long NFL Action program that has turned up most Sunday afternoons during this NFL offseason. I just discovered the following description of the series in the May 15, 1969, Chicago Tribune, and it sounds like a very, very compelling program!

How about dinner and dancing?

The restaurant is a tough choice, but I'd probably end up at Jerry's to get my astronaut print. The Alibi Club looks like a literally "happening" place, but--who's kidding who here?--I'm probably heading to the Legion to see Sonny & the Satisfies.

Plenty of more exotic fare to choose among, too. Boy, Beech Bend really knew what it was doing, hosting those "county days" for each area Kentucky county. That's probably where I'm heading; I love Bowling Green and that drive across U.S. 68 from Hoptown.


  1. Margaret is a big fan of Yours Mine and Ours

  2. Great movie. When the HP gets big enough that it starts hosting cruises for its most ardent followers, like Turner Classic Movies and the Music of Your Life radio network do, we're going to be showing Yours, Mine and Ours in the galley or the muster station or whatever the part of the ship is called where people get together and watch movies and eat popcorn together.

  3. Of course, we might've just stayed home in Hoptown and listened to records all weekend. Conway Twitty's got a new one out.

  4. I wonder if, on a cloudy day maybe, 1969 Hoptown me could twist the antenna enough to get WSIL out of Harrisburg, Illinois.

  5. I'm going to pretend that this past weekend 1969's episode of NFL Action featured this film on the 1968 Los Angeles Rams. Dick Enberg is getting me all fired up for the new season.

  6. By the way, it turns out that 1969 Hoptown me is really, really rich. I'm going to spend a lot of the autumn and winter flying back and forth to Miami!