Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oh, Kentucky

A flagpole-wielding attacker ... a Louisville police officer ... more tragedy ... more disunity ... please, Lord.

"Do we need fire protection outside the city limits of Bardstown? If we don’t, then that is the final answer to the debate. If we do, then what should it cost us and what is everyone’s fair share? That is it in a nutshell, period, end of discussion."

"'We want this to be everybody’s flag, so Chief Paduke was selected as the person to be honored on the banner. He, of all the famous persons connected with Paducah, really belongs to all Paducahans.' Intent on consistency, Mrs. Campbell made sure to model the bust of Paduke’s face after the statue of Paduke that stands on Jefferson Street." The McCracken County Public Library Local and Family History Department Facebook page is a stone-cold joy.

Madisonville's old downtown Woolworths is becoming a 24-hour gym. Sixty years from now, in the same way that my mom and other people her age all talk today about how everybody went out dancing together when they were in their 20s, people in their 80s will be talking about how great it was 60 years ago when everybody used to get together in gyms and work out together. 

McCracken County High's new girls' basketball coach is the dude who led Calloway County to the 2011 state semifinals.

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