Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NCAA Adopts 30-second Shot Clock

Because the NCAA would rather keep cutting the shot clock than actually insist that the officials start calling the game properly.

Here's how college basketball should be called:

1.  If a defender makes a play that would be a foul against Duke, THEN IT'S A FOUL, even against teams other than Duke.

2.  If an offensive player drives to the basket, he does not commit a charge UNLESS IT WOULD BE CALLED A CHARGE IF A PLAYER FROM DUKE MADE THE SAME PLAY.

If college basketball would adopt these two simple principles, we wouldn't have to worry about the shot clock -- college basketball would again be the free-flowing, wide-open game it should be.


  1. I don't have a problem with this. I like the idea of adopting international rules across the board or something like that just so that all the versions of basketball in the US follow the same guidelines.