Monday, June 1, 2015

College Baseball Update

Wild day of regionals yesterday.  Here's where it all stands.  Regional champs in bold.  Teams in italics have been eliminated:

Los Angeles
1.  UCLA:  3-1 (No. 1 overall seed)
3.  Maryland:  2-1
4.  Cal-St. Bakersfield:  1-2
2.  Mississippi:  0-2

Maryland beat UCLA 4-1, and then UCLA beat Maryland 4-2.  Today they meet for the title.

Lake Elsinore, Calif.
3.  Virginia:  3-0
2.  USC:  2-2
4.  San Diego St:  1-2
1.  UC-Santa Barbara:  0-2

Quite a day yesterday.  USC pulled out a come-from-behind win over San Diego State, winning 12-11 thanks to three runs in the ninth.  But then USC lost to UVA, 14-10 in 11 innings.  The third-seeded Cavaliers await the winner of UCLA/Maryland.

Springfield, Mo.
1.  Missouri St:  3-0 (No. 8 overall seed)
2.  Iowa:  2-2
3.  Oregon:  1-2
4.  Canisius:  0-2

Stillwater, Okla.
2.  Arkansas:  3-0
4.  St. John's:  2-2
1.  Oklahoma St:  1-2
3.  Oral Roberts:  0-2

The Razorbacks will face Missouri State in the Supers.

Gainesville, Fla.
1.  Florida:  3-0 (No. 4 overall seed)
2.  Florida Atlantic:  2-2
3.  S. Florida:  1-2
4.  Florida A & M:  0-2

Tallahassee, Fla.
1.  Florida St.:  2-0
2.  Coll. of Charleston:  2-1
3.  Auburn:  1-2
4.  Mercer:  0-2

Florida State will be College of Charleston, thus setting up a Super Regional between Florida and FSU.

Coral Gables, Fla.
1.  Miami, Fla:  2-1
3.  Columbia:  3-1
4.  Florida Int'l:  1-2
2.  E. Carolina:  0-2

Columbia threw a two-hitter at Miami last night to stave off elimination.  The Lions became the first Ivy League team to win three games in the NCAA Baseball Tournament since the 1970's.

4.  Virginia Commonwealth: 2-0
1.  Dallas Baptist:  2-1
2.  Oregon St:  1-2
3.  Texas:  0-2

How wild would it be if we had a Super Regional between VCU and Columbia?

Baton Rouge, La.
1.  Louisiana St:  2-0 (No. 2 overall seed)
2.  UNC-Wilmington:  2-1
3.  Tulane:  1-2
4.  Lehigh:  0-2

3.  La-Lafayette:  2-0
2.  Rice:  2-1
1.  Houston:  1-2
4.  Houston Baptist:  0-2

Fort Worth, Tex.
1.  Texas Christian:  3-1 (No. 7 overall seed)
2.  N. Carolina St:  2-1
3.  Stony Brook:  1-2
4.  Sacred Heart:  0-2

Winner-take-all game today between TCU and NCSU.

College Station, Tex.
1.  Texas A & M:  3-1
3.  California:  2-1
2.  Coastal Carolina:  1-2
4.  Texas Southern:  0-2

Saturday night, Cal beat A & M 2-1 in 14 innings.  Last night, the Aggies won 4-3 in 12 innings in a very controversial game that ended with the Aggies third baseman tagging out a Cal runner who was only about two feet from scoring the tying run.  Just amazing, amazing stuff.  Who knows what they'll do tonight?

Louisville, Ky.
1.  Louisville:  3-0 (No. 3 overall seed)
3.  Michigan:  2-2
2.  Bradley:  1-2
4.  Morehead St.:  0-2

The Cardinals looked really, really good.

Fullerton, Calif.
1.  Cal-St. Fullerton:  3-0
4.  Pepperdine:  2-2
2.  Arizona St:  1-2
3.  Clemson:  0-2

Cal-St. Fullerton will travel to Louisville for the Supers.

Champaign, Ill.
1.  Illinois:  2-0 (No. 6 overall seed)
3.  Wright St:  2-1
2.  Notre Dame:  1-2
4.  Ohio:  0-2

Nashville, Tenn.
1.  Vanderbilt:  2-0
2.  Radford:  2-1
3.  Indiana:  1-2
4.  Lipscomb:  0-2

So here are the potential Super Regional Matchups, with national seeds in parentheses:

(1) UCLA or Maryland v. Virginia
(8) Missouri St. v. Arkansas
(4) Florida v. Florida St. or Coll. of Charleston
(5) Miami (Fla.) or Columbia v. Dallas Baptist or Virginia Commonwealth
(2)  Louisiana St. or UNC Wilmington v. Rice or La-Lafayette
(7)  Texas Christian or N. Carolina St. v. Texas A & M or California
(3)  Louisville v. Cal-St. Fullerton
(6)  Illinois or Wright St. v. Vanderbilt or Radford


  1. LSU takes the Baton Rouge Regional with a 2-0 win over UNC-Wilmington.

  2. Florida, LSU, and Arkansas have now advanced to the Supers; Ole Miss and Auburn are eliminated; still waiting to see what will happen for Vandy and Texas A & M.

  3. La-Lafayette beats Rice 5-2 to advance to the Supers, where they will take on LSU. That should be fun.

  4. Columbia has finally run out of pitching. The Lions trail Miami 14-0 in the top of the fifth, and it does not appear that the Ivies will be represented in the Super Regionals.

  5. Illinois beat Wright State 8-4 to win its region. The Illini will host Vandy, which beat Radford 21-0 to win the Nashville Region.

  6. So for now the matchups for Super Regionals look like this (I'm assuming Columbia won't make up the 14-0 deficit it faces):

    (1) UCLA or Maryland v. Virginia
    (8) Missouri St. v. Arkansas
    (4) Florida v. Florida St.
    (5) Miami (Fla.) v. VCU or Dallas Baptist
    (2) LSU v. La-Lafayette
    (7) TCU or NCSU v. Texas A & M or Cal
    (3) Louisville v. Cal-St. Fullerton
    (6) Illinois v. Vanderbilt

  7. VCU -- the fourth seed -- wins the Dallas Regional, beating Dallas Baptist 3-1. VCU will go to the Supers against Miami (Fla.).

  8. Meanwhile, for the third night in a row, Cal and A & M are locked in an epic struggle. Cal just hit a home run in the top of the 7th to tie this game at 1. This is one of the best playoff match-ups I've ever seen.

  9. By the way, Missouri State shares its field with a minor league team that will be using the field next weekend. So the Bears cannot host a Super Regional -- they will have to go to Arkansas.

    One may wonder why the NCAA gave the 8 seed to a team that couldn't host a Super Regional. For that matter, one may wonder why a Vandy team that is the defending national champion and was highly ranked all year couldn't be the 8 seed. But one is not likely to get a clear answer.