Monday, June 15, 2015

College Baseball Update: Vandy!

So Vandy was supposed to play the night game yesterday against Cal-State Fullerton, but things did not go well for the Dores.  They were down 3-0 in the sixth when the game was suspended on account of lightning.

So today at 2 P.M. Central, the Dores and Titans reunited to complete the suspended game.  Going into the bottom of the 9th, Vanderbilt still trailed 3-1.  Here's what they did:

1.  Zander Wiel, the clean-up hitter and first baseman, cracked a double to right.
2.  Will Toffey, the third baseman, struck out.
3.  Bryan Reynolds, the center fielder, cued a hit that landed just fair near the left field line for a double.  Wiel scored to make the score 3-2.
4.  Jaren Kendall, the left fielder who bats seventh, CRUSHED A HOME RUN TO RIGHT FIELD TO WIN THE GAME 4 TO 3.

So long, thanks for playing.

It was the first walk-off homer at the College World Series since 2009.

Vandy will next play Texas Christian.  Cal-State Fullerton faces an elimination game against LSU.

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