Thursday, May 14, 2015

Album Review: Lovetap! by Smallpools

This band I would put into the same category as Foster the People. A similar sound in that it is 80's inspired pop rock. The big difference here is that these guys are getting there influences from bands like The Outfield, while Foster the People are getting theirs from bands like The Cure. That's a big difference and when it's translated to 2015 it makes for two bands who sound similar but quite different.

I find the album a little long at 14 tracks, but there aren't any bad tracks on the album and I found it quite fun to listen to. The hooks are solid throughout and it's quite a fun album. Great for spring as we head into summer. A definite clean the house album, though there is some off language here and there though nothing too serious.

Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 3 out of 5 stars for Pretty Good.


  1. The Outfield is so underrated. I never much cared for them. But I knew multiple people--all women--who just loved them in a very deep way. It seems to me that it is primarily middle-aged men who end up sitting around later and coming up with lists like the best 100 albums from the 1980s and what-not, and so the Outfield and the middle-aged women who loved them are under-heard.

  2. Great comparison, by the way, Polldaddy.

    1. I had that thought, then I was reading the allmusic review and they also compared them to The Outfield.