Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ultimate Disney Bracket

OK this thing is a joke.  First the best Disney movie Tangled isn't on the list.  Second they have The Incredibles as an 8 seed.  Third, no Bolt.  What a joke.

Personally I think they should have done this as a 64 movie tournament and they should have included live action movies in it.

OK let's break this down.  Let's say we will limit the list to movies that were released in the theater.  That immediately eliminates the recent Tinkerbell movies for instance.  Then we will limit the list to movies that were aimed at a younger audience.  That eliminates movies like National Treasure.  After sorting through the Disney movies I still had a list of 104.  I figured if I could get the list down to 96 then I could have my tournament.  First thing was to eliminate sequels.  Which meant only Toy Story, no 2 or 3.  Then eliminate remakes.  The 1993 Homeward Bound or the original?  I included live action remakes of animated, so Cinderella for instance.  OK that got my list down to 88.  I decided to go with that.

I then got the IMDB rating for each movie and ranked the films based on that, then dropped the bottom four teams.  Here are the brackets.  A will Play D and B will Play C in final four.

A Bracket

1.  Lion King
     20.  Freaky Friday
     21.  Angels in the Outfield

8.  The Fox and the Hound
9.  Old Yeller

5.  Frozen
     12.  The Aristocats
     13.  Holes

4.  Wreck-It-Ralph
     14.  Flight of the Navigator
     15.  Homeward Bound:  The Incredible Journey

3.  Big Hero 6
     16.  Oliver and Company
     17.  Kidnapped

6.  Pinocchio
11.  Enchanted

7.  Alice in Wonderland
10.  Cars

2.  Aladdin
     18.  The Parent Trap (1998)
     19.  Escape to Witch Mountain

D Bracket

1.  Up
     20.  Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
     21.  Planes

8.  Cinderella (Animated)
9.  101 Dalmatians (Animated)

5.  The Little Mermaid
     12.  The Sword and the Stone
     13.  Bolt

4.  Fantasia
     14.  Treasure Island
     15.  The Absent Minded Professor

3.  Ratatouille
     16.  Atlantis:  The Lost Empire
     17.  The Shaggy Dog

6.  The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
11.  Swiss Family Robinson

7.  Peter Pan
10.  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

2.  Finding Nemo
     18.  Dinosaur
     19.  The Apple Dumpling Gang

B Bracket

1.  Wall E
     20.  Sky High
     21.  Ice Princess

8.  The Emperor's New Groove
9.  Pollyanna

5.  Snow With and the Seven Dwarfs
     12.  The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
     13.  Lilo & Stitch

4.  Tangled
     14.  Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion,Witch and the Wardrobe
     15.  The Hunchback of Notre Dame

3.  The Incredibles
     16.  James and the Giant Peach
     17.  Hocus Pocus

6.  Mulan
11.  Hercules

7.  Bambi
10.  A Bugs Life

2.  Monsters Inc
     18.  The Mighty Ducks
     19.  Pete's Dragon

C Bracket

1.  Toy Story
     20.  The Princess Diaries
     21.  Chicken Little

8.  Dumbo
9.  Sleeping Beauty

5.  The Jungle Book
     12.  Tarzan
     13.  Bedknobs and Broomsticks

4.  Mary Poppins
     14.  Treasure Planet
     15.  The Rescuers

3.  Nightmare Before Christmas
     16.  Brother Bear
     17.  Pocahontas

6.  Robin Hood
11.  The Princess and the Frog

7.  Lady and the Tramp
10.  Basil - The Great Mouse Detective

2.  Beauty and the Beast
     18.  The Love Bug
     19.  The Santa Clause


  1. We watched Tangled the other night, and I freaking loved it.

  2. My dream final four is The Incredible Journey, Apple Dumpling Gang, Tangled and Mary Poppins. But #GusDeservedABid! #NC2A #smh

    1. Yeah, Murray State's RPI stunk, too. But the Racers should've had Cincinnati's bid. I quote from Wikipedia: "The film did well and was released on home video in 1981."

      Did well, raved Wikipedia!

  3. I think "The Love Bug" should have been seeded higher, and I certainly don't think it should have to go up against "Beauty and the Beast" so early in the Tournament.

  4. Also, I'm upset that "Holes" has to go up against "Frozen."