Monday, April 27, 2015

NBA Update

To follow up on Eric's message, here's where things stand in the first round of the NBA Playoffs:


(1) Atlanta 2 - 1 Brooklyn (8)
(4) Toronto 0 - 4 Washington (5)
(3) Chicago 3 - 1 Milwaukee (6)
(2) Cleveland 4 - 0 Boston (7)

One big story here is that Washington will probably be the only lower seed to advance in the East, and that they did so by means of a rare sweep.  Another big story is that Cleveland has lost Kevin Love to a shoulder injury, and he will not be available for the next round against Chicago.

(1) Golden State 4 - 0 New Orleans (8)
(4) Portland 0 - 3 Memphis (5)
(3) L.A. Clippers 2 - 2 San Antonio (6)
(2) Houston 3 - 1 Dallas (7)

Here's the reason we're doing this update today, instead of waiting until the end of the first round.  You should start paying attention to the series between the Clippers and the Spurs.  It's the only series in the first round to feature two really good teams, and it's been a cracker.  Look at these scores (home teams listed first):

04/19:  Los Angeles 107 - 92 San Antonio
04/22:  Los Angeles 107 - 111 San Antonio (OT)
04/24:  San Antonio 100 - 73 Los Angeles
04/26:  San Antonio 105 - 114 Los Angeles

The Spurs conceded Game One, but fought back to take Game Two on the road.  Then the Clippers conceded Game Three, only to fight back and take Game Four on the road.  Tomorrow night the Clippers and Spurs will meet in Los Angeles for Game Five, and whoever loses that game will probably be eliminated in this round.  On the other hand, whichever team wins that game has a good chance of going deep into the playoffs.  It's pretty rare to have such an important game so early in the playoffs, and you should tune in.


  1. The Nets just beat Atlanta 120-115 in overtime, so that series is now tied 2-2.

  2. Initially, I was thrilled that the Bullets swept, allowing more time for Paul Pierce, et al, to rest/heal/whatever in advance of the second-round matchup with either the Hawks or the Nets. But, now, I'm concerned about dullness.

    Being a fan of a team in contention is rife with problems.