Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Where Are They Now? One Month Left

Eric Bledsoe (Phoenix Suns)
34mpg, 45% fg, 34% 3pt, 6rpg, 6apg, 17ppg, 13.5 pie, 1.2 +/-

Phoenix has struggled since trading Dragic and bringing in Brandon Knight, but they still have a shot at the playoffs. Phoenix, New Orleans, and Oklahoma City are all fighting for the final spot.

DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings)
34mpg, 47% fg, 12rpg, 3apg, 24ppg, 17.6 pie, 1.6 +/-

It's been a very disappointing season for Cousins and the Kings. Things were going so well until he got sick. Ever since that and getting rid of the coach, he and the Kings have struggled to remain relevant. There is getting to be some talk about whether or not Cousins will still be with the Kings this time next year but it is hard to imagine a team getting rid of such a talented player. Interesting to see what happens with him in the off-season.

Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans)
36mpg, 54% fg, 10rpg, 2apg, 24ppg, 19.5 pie, 3.6 +/-

When Davis was coming into the NBA there were people who said he alone can get a team to the playoffs. Well his team has a shot this year. In fact if the Pelicans make it into the playoffs then he will be considered by some as an MVP candidate. No one considered them to have any chance of making the playoffs in the West, but here they are. If Davis can stay healthy his team has a real chance.

Archie Goodwin (Phoenix Suns)
9mpg, 40% fg, 1rpg, 1apg, 4ppg, 7.0 pie, -3.3 +/-

Goodwin is getting more playing time. This will be the test for Goodwin. He'll need to show that he can play in the NBA now. It's crazy how fast players can drop out of the NBA and my guess is he's at that now or never point of his career. His offensive rating per 100 possessions is up to 100 which is a critical place to be. Here's hoping for a solid final month.

Chuck Hayes (Toronto Raptors)
9mpg, 2rpg, 1apg, 4.5 pie, 1.6 +/-

Hayes represents the fact that once you get established in the NBA you can make a good long career.

Terrence Jones (Houston Rockets)
28mpg, 52% fg, 32% 3pt, 7rpg, 1apg, 13ppg, 11.9 pie, 5.5 +/-

So glad to see Jones is back and playing close to the level he was a year ago. I'm not a big fan of the Rockets, but it's hard not to cheer for Jones.

Enes Kanter (Oklahoma City Thunder)
27mpg, 50% fg, 8rpg, 1apg, 14ppg, 11.1 pie, -0.7 +/-

Kanter was involved in one of the bigger trades at the trade deadline going to Oklahoma City. Suddenly he's on a team with playoff ambitions. Since arriving in OKC his offensive rating is at 120. That's pretty good.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Charlotte Hornets)
28mpg, 47% fg, 8rpg, 2apg, 11ppg, 11.4 pie, 2.3 +/-

Currently Charlotte has a playoff spot and is playing pretty well. Kidd-Gilchrist continues to play better.

Brandon Knight (Phoenix Suns)
33mpg, 43% fg, 39% 3pt, 4rpg, 5apg, 17ppg, 13.0 pie, -1.3 +/-

Knight was involved in the biggest trade at the deadline. I feel for Knight. He went from a playoff team to a team who is unlikely to make the playoff. The word is the Bucks didn't want to have to pay Knight what he was going to be demanding as their leading scorer. They thought his numbers would inflate his actual value. The Suns have said that they want Knight long term. We'll see how that plays out. So far Knight has struggled since coming over to Phoenix, but hopefully he can settle in and finish strong.

Jodie Meeks (Detroit Pistons)
25mpg, 40% fg, 32% 3pt, 2rpg, 2apg, 12ppg, 8.5 pie, -1.3 +/-

Detroit's dreams of making the playoffs are fading as they are struggling right now. Meeks continues to have a consistent season.

Nerlens Noel (Philadelphia 76ers)
31mpg, 44% fg, 8rpg, 2apg, 9ppg, 9.7 pie, -6.3 +/-

Noel has shown a bit more offensive life lately which is a good thing. Hopefully he can finish strong and then work on his offensive game in the offseason.

Patrick Patterson (Toronto Raptors)
27mpg, 46% fg, 39% 3pt, 5rpg, 2apg, 8ppg, 10.3 pie, 3.4 +/-

Patterson is having a solid year for the Raptors, but the Raptors are struggling a bit coming down the stretch.

Tayshaun Prince (Detroit Pistons)
24mpg, 44% fg, 3rpg, 2apg, 7ppg, 8.5 pie, -0.5 +/-

I feel for Prince moving around so much, but he's back where he began in Detroit. The Pistons had been the hottest team in the NBA but they have cooled off and are leveling back out.

Rajon Rondo (Dallas Mavericks)
30mpg, 41% fg, 6rpg, 8apg, 9ppg, 10.8 pie, 0.1 +/-

Rondo is having a bad year, and there are a lot of questions floating around him. Can he get it together in time for the playoffs. Where will he be next season, and who will be willing to pay him. He no longer seems to be an elite player and is instead struggling quite a bit, so can he still be productive? Could he be a bench player? You can fall out of the NBA very quickly and I wouldn't be surprised to see no Rondo next season.

John Wall (Washington Wizards)
36mpg, 45% fg, 29% 3pt, 5rpg, 10apg, 17ppg, 14.9 pie, 3.9 +/-

The Wizards, like Toronto, is really struggling down the stretch. It seems pretty accepted that their coach will be fired at the end of the season unless things dramatically turn around. As for Wall he's continuing to have a solid year, but as teams have adjusted to what the Wizards are doing offensively he's struggling a bit himself. Hopefully everything can get fixed before the playoffs, but it's doubtful.

James Young (Boston Celtics)
11mpg, 35% fg, 26% 3pt, 2rpg, 3ppg, 5.3 pie, 0.1 +/-

Young is continuing to get playing time but his shooting is not coming around. He'll need to improve his shooting and become a better defender if he wants to stick.