Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Bracketology

LSU will get pushed out by the winner of the Sun Belt, and if Connecticut wins, Mississippi will get pushed out as well.  With the flood of conference champs yesterday: Illinois, Rhode Island, Richmond, Green Bay, Iona, Indiana, and Stanford all got bumped out.

1 Kentucky
16 Manhatten / Robert Morris

8 Buffalo
9 Stephen F Austin

5 Utah
12 Valparaiso

4 Oklahoma
13 Mississippi

3 Iowa St
14 N Dakota St

11 Iowa

7 Providence
10 NC State

2 Gonzaga
15 Albany

1 Duke
16 Lafayette

8 Davidson
9 Colorado St

5 Arkansas
12 Old Dominion / UCLA

4 Baylor
13 Harvard

3 N Iowa
14 Wyoming

6 West Virginia
11 St. Johns (NY) / Boise St

7 Xavier
10 Texas

2 Arizona
15 Coastal Carolina

1 Villanova
16 N Florida / Hampton

8 Dayton
9 Ohio St

5 Louisville
12 Purdue

4 Wichita St
13 LSU

3 Notre Dame
14 Northeastern

6 Michigan St
11 Temple

7 Butler
10 Cincinnati

2 Kansas
15 Belmont

1 Wisconsin
16 Texas Southern

8 Oregon

12 Tulsa

4 North Carolina
13 Wofford

3 Maryland
14 E Washington

6 Georgetown
11 Oklahoma St

7 San Diego St
10 Georgia

2 Virginia
15 UAB


  1. I'm ready for the annual showdown between Matthew and Ken Pom in the first round of the NCAA.

  2. Well I was way off on my brackets. I'll have to work on my methodology and see if I can do better next year. I completely missed some of the conference tournament games somehow, but that's what happens when you are trying to do bracketology and entertain your five year old at the same time. My excuse.

    I do believe though it hurts the OVC to play their tournament the week before. If they had played their championship game either Saturday or Sunday I think it would have given Murray State a better shot.

  3. First, the committee meetings should be open and televised on ESPN News.

    Second, the committee should have to release its 1-68 rankings before any of the conference tournaments start. Then, every time there's a wrong winner outside the top 68 that wins a conference tournament, the bottom team in the rankings be eliminated from the NCAA tournament.

    Third, we should go to a blind draw on the bracket.