Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I've spent about the last six months thinking to myself how I'm never going to allow myself to get excited about an Oakland A's season again, until they are through at least the wild-card round of the playoffs. Honestly, what more could a team do through the first 80 percent of a season to justify a fan's optimism, only to fizzle so meekly, than did the 2014 A's? So, forget it. Won't get fooled again, baby. That's what I decided over the last six months.

And then this happened in the first inning of the first spring-training game.

BOOM! Take that, MadBum! And, suddenly, Marcus Semien is my main man from SanFran. #GREENCOLLAR!


  1. SmartGirl takes the position that the entire Nats' season last year was a waste of time, since the team lost in the first round of the playoffs. She has no interest in division titles. JUST WIN, BABY!

  2. A's finish spring training with majors-best, 22-11 performance among the Cacti. Let's get it on.