Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chuck Culpeper's Still Got It

Kentucky fans remember Chuck Culpeper's tenure as a sports columnist at the Lexington Herald-Leader as one of the few times we've had a local writer who decided to appreciate the UK fans instead of baiting them.  Culpeper is with the Washington Post these days, and the Post sent him to Cleveland to cover the Midwest Regional.  This column shows that he's still one of the very best when it comes to writing about UK basketball.


  1. The very best part of that win last night for me was how CBS had 10 points on its scoreboard for West Virginia (to UK's 30, etc.) for a long time and then it went back and corrected the Mountaineers' tally down to nine.

    1. The whole time the score was wrong, Tom Leach kept giving two scores on the radio. "Kentucky 30, West Virginia 9 -- it says 10 on the scoreboard here, but we think that will be corrected."

      Tom Leach is great.

  2. By the way it is so bogus that Gonzaga and UCLA were the first game of the night. That game would be half over before most of the fan base got home from work.

  3. Totally agree. Also love the use of the word "bogus," which I hadn't heard for a while.