Saturday, March 7, 2015

111 Teams Left

Snow is finally starting to release its grip on the Beloved Commonwealth, and seven games in the boys' basketball regionals were played last night.  Those games featured a big upset, as Newport Central Catholic becomes the first top-10 team to be eliminated:

4th Region Quarter-Finals (at W. Kentucky U.):
Barren Co. 79, Logan Co. 66
Bowling Green 58, Clinton Co. 47
Warren Cent. 46, Russell Co. 44

9th Region Quarter-Finals (at Bank of Kentucky Center):
Dixie Heights 48, Boone Co. 45
Cov. Holmes 58, (6) Newport Cent. Catholic 51

Note:  I love this quote from Holmes coach Mike Listerman:  "I know that we have a good basketball team.  We didn't win 22 games for nothing.  Have we not performed up to expectations in a couple of games?  Absolutely.  But this group is resiliant, I love this group of kids.  They're playing hard for me, they're giving their hearts.  We'll let the chips fall."

WE'LL LET THE CHIPS FALL!  That's my new motto.

13th Region Quarter-Finals (at Corbin):
Knox Cent. 69, Harlan Co. 63 (OT)
Clay Co. 57, Corbin 52

The First and Second Regions still haven't dug out from the snow, so those regions are not scheduled to start until tomorrow.  Here's the schedule from the rest of the Commonwealth, which features a whole lot of games:

3d Region Quarter-Finals (at Owensboro Sportscenter):
Grayson Co. (18-10) v. Muhlenberg Co. (15-13)
Breckinridge Co. (18-9) v. (7) Owensboro (24-4)
McLean Co. (10-15) v. Meade Co. (15-10)
Owensboro Apollo (17-12) v. Edmonson Co. (17-12)

4th Region Quarter-Finals (at W. Kentucky U.):
Monroe Co. (27-3) v. Russellville (13-12)

5th Region Quarter-Finals (at Green Co.):
Caverna (21-5) v. Elizabethtown (17-9)
Bardstown (19-10) v. Adair Co. (12-18)
(4) Taylor Co. (25-4) v. Bethlehem (17-11)
N. Hardin (23-8) v. Green Co. (11-17)

8th Region Quarter-Finals (at Henry Co.):
Grant Co. (15-14) v. Shelby Co. (21-8)
Oldham Co. (25-4) v. Gallatin Co. (9-18)
Owen Co. (25-5) v. N. Oldham (16-15)
Shelbyville Collins (23-8) v. Simon Kenton (15-13)

9th Region Quarter-Finals (at Bank of Kentucky Center):
(9) Cov. Catholic (26-5) v. Newport (14-16)
Cooper (18-8) v. St. Henry (19-12)

10th Region Quarter-Finals (at Mason Co.):
Campbell Co. (22-9) v. Bourbon Co. (9-19)
Pendleton Co. (14-16) v. Augusta (17-10)
(10) Mason Co. (27-2) v. Harrison Co. (15-14)
Paris (18-9) v. Scott (16-13)

11th Region Quarter-Finals (at E. Kentucky U.):
Madison Cent. (18-11) v. Lex. Bryan Station (20-7)
Franklin Co. (8-21) v. Lex. Lafayette (20-11)
Lex. Henry Clay (20-10) v. Model (13-15)
Lex. Catholic (21-8) v. Woodford Co. (18-11)

12th Region Quarter-Finals (at Lincoln Co.):
Wayne Co. (22-5) v. W. Jessmine (19-10)
Pulaski Co. (19-11) v. Boyle Co. (23-6)
Mercer Co. (22-8) v. Southwestern (21-9)
Lincoln Co. (23-5) v. Casey Co. (12-19)

13th Region Semi-Finals (at Corbin):
Barbourville (21-8) v. Williamsburg (23-4)
Knox Cent. (18-12) v. Clay Co. (23-6)

14th Region Quarter-Finals (at Powell Co.):
Breathitt Co. (10-15) v. Powell Co. (13-16)
Perry Co. Cent. (21-10) v. Letcher Co. Cent. (17-11)
(3) Knott Co. Cent. (27-2) v. Buckhorn (18-9)
Estill Co. (18-9) v. Wolfe Co. (6-20)

15th Region Quarter-Finals (at E. Ky. Expo Center):
Sheldon Clark (22-5) v. E. Ridge (15-11)
Lawrence Co. (17-12) v. Allen Cent. (13-17)
Shelby Valley (18-12) v. Johnson Cent. (20-9)
S. Floyd (12-17) v. Pike Co. Cent. (16-13)

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