Friday, February 27, 2015

What's On TV Tonight (1969)?

Dean Martin isn't fooling around with Glen Campbell.

Dean Martin's take on "Gentle On My Mind" is set to break into the next Cash Box Magazine top 100 at No. 97.

Incidentally, two of the other debuts in the top 100 are "No, Not Much" by the Vogues at No. 98 and "Kick Out the Jams" by MC5 (Warning Explicit Content ... like, one second after you click that link, so get yourself ready) at No. 94. So, you know, to be clear, 1969 is smack between 1959 and 1979.


  1. I don't believe I had ever heard "Can I Change My Mind?" or heard of Tyrone Davis until earlier this year, but it has been one of my favorite songs of the last few weeks. It's No. 7 in this week 1969's Cash Box, off peak from No. 5 two weeks ago.

  2. And that's why they call it Memorial Magic. On Saturday, March 1, 1969, Kentucky went to Nashville -- and was upset by Vanderbilt. The final score was 101-99. Dan Issel scored 41 points for the Big Blue, but Vandy shot the lights out -- going 41-70 (58.6 percent) from the field to pull the upset. Perry Wallace, the first African-American player in SEC history, had 22 points and 10 boards for the Dores.

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    1. It's the best gym in America, and probably the best gym in the world.

  4. On Monday, March 3, 1969, the Kentucky Wildcats went to Auburn and pulled out a 90-86 victory. I would have loved this team, and I don't think I would have paid enough attention to some of their defensive problems.

    So with one game left in the 1968-69 season, the Cats were 21-4 overall and 15-2 in the SEC. They were ranked 7th in the AP Poll, they were the SEC Champs, and they were headed for the Mideast Regional in Madison, Wisconsin.