Monday, January 19, 2015

Rev. King in Louisville, 1961

"Delivered to the flagship theological institution of the flagship denomination of Southern Culture, Dr. King would never again give  another address like this."

Here's the audio, from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.


  1. The author is wrong about Dr. King's opening to this speech. The opening is a masterpiece of timing and pace.

  2. "There is something ..." Love how he uses that phrase. Check out how he uses it in hammertime at the end of this sermon, and check out how often he is quoted as saying it at this site.

  3. It's just a great speech from beginning to end. The commentator didn't appear to understand the difference between a speech you would give at an open-air rally, and a speech you would give to your fellow Baptist theologians in a formal setting. Dr. King was a genius at understanding the importance of manners.