Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Where Are They Now? Christmas Check-In

Eric Bledsoe (Phoenix Suns)
33mpg, 44% fg, 31% 3pt, 5rpg, 6apg, 16ppg, 12.9 pie, 1.4 +/-

Phoenix is about where they were at the end of last season sitting in the 9th spot in the West. They are in the hunt for a spot in the playoffs just like last season, but as of right now they would still be on the outside. Bledsoe is playing very well.

DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings)
33mpg, 52% fg, 13rpg, 3apg, 24ppg, 20.9 pie, 9 +/-

Cousins has taken his game to a completely different level and he and the Kings were really flying high, then he got sick with bacterial meningitis and the Kings started losing and he was stuck in the hospital. He's back now and playing great, but it is hard to imagine a team like the Kings being able to make the playoffs with a big losing streak thrown into their season.

Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans)
35mpg, 57.9% fg, 10rpg, 2apg, 25ppg, 20.2 pie, 2.1 +/-

Davis has become the star he was predicted to be coming out of college. The scary part about Davis is he still will get so much better. The Pelicans are right in the playoff mix and it is in large part because of Davis.

Archie Goodwin (Phoenix Suns)
8mpg, 31% fg, 2rpg, 1apg, 4ppg, 6.1 pie, -3.6 +/-

Goodwin continues to get some playing time which is a good thing. Hopefully he'll continue to improve.

Chuck Hayes (Toronto Raptors)
10mpg, 2rpg, 1apg, 5.3 pie, 1.7 +/-

I'm happy for Hayes that toward the end of his career he has landed on a good team and hope he has a secure spot there.

Terrence Jones (Houston Rockets)
29mpg, 52% fg, 43% 3pt, 8rpg, 2apg, 14ppg, 12.2 pie

These are the same stats I had for Jones the last time we checked in, because has been out with an injury this entire time. He is suffering with some kind of nerve damage in his leg. Latest I read was that he is out indefinitely. He is apparently improving, but it is a pretty severe situation, it was reported that he even lost feeling in his leg and toes for a short time. Hopefully he'll get back to full health and get back on the court.

Enes Kanter (Utah Jazz)
27mpg, 52% fg, 7rpg, 14ppg, 10.6 pie, -2.7 +/-

People were expecting a bit more out of Kanter this season, but this may be who Kanter is. Which is of course a starter in the NBA, just not the double, double guy the Jazz were hoping to get.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Charlotte Hornets)
24mpg, 49% fg, 6rpg, 1apg, 9ppg, 10.1 pie, -2.1 +/-

Kidd-Gilchrist has been injured off and on this season and continues to struggle offensively. But his shooting percentage is up and he's still the same ole relentless defender which will give him a solid career even without a lot of offense. Sad to say the Hornets are the most disappointing team in the NBA this season.

Brandon Knight (Milwaukee Bucks)
32mpg, 43% fg, 39% 3pt, 5rpg, 5apg, 18ppg, 14.2 pie, -4.7 +/-

If the Hornets are the most disappointing team the Bucks are the most surprising team of the young NBA season. I hope their success continues and Knight can get some recognition for his consistent play since coming into the League.

Jodie Meeks (Detroit Pistons)
23mpg, 39% fg, 24% 3pt, 2rpg, 2apg, 11ppg, 7.9 pie, -4.5 +/-

Meeks is now back from injury but has only played in 6 games, so he's playing his way back into basketball shape. Hopefully the next time we check in he'll be playing up to speed.

Darius Miller (Out of the NBA)

Since my last posting Miller has been cut by the Pelicans. Not sure what Miller is going to be doing, but he'll always have a home in Kentucky for sure.

Nerlens Noel (Philadelphia 76ers)
31mpg, 46% fg, 7rpg, 2apg, 8ppg, 7.9 pie, -8.3 +/-

It's a rough way to start a career. Playing 31 minutes a game on one of the worst teams in NBA history. I just hope Noel has good coaches and some good players to help him learn.

Patrick Patterson (Toronto Raptors)
26mpg, 49% fg, 45% 3pt, 5rpg, 2apg, 9ppg, 11.3 pie, 4.9 +/-

Patterson is getting a lot of playing time on the team with the best record in the NBA East. Good for him.

Tayshaun Prince (Memphis Grizzlies)
23mpg, 40% fg, 3rpg, 1apg, 7ppg, 7.1 pie, 0.7 +/-

Prince has found a good spot coming off the bench for what is possibly the best team in the NBA. It's a good place to be at this point in his career.

Julius Randle (Los Angeles Lakers)

Randle is out for the season with a broken leg in his first game.  We hope the best for Randle and that he'll come back healthy next season.

Rajon Rondo (Dallas Mavericks)
32mpg, 40% fg, 7rpg, 11apg, 8ppg, 12.9 pie, -0.1 +/-

Rondo is a very controversial figure and he has now been involved in the biggest trade of the season so far. Interesting to see how much he can help Dallas, or will he hurt Dallas as some basketball people would lead you to expect.

John Wall (Washington Wizards)
36mpg, 45% fg, 32% 3pt, 5rpg, 11apg, 18ppg, 16.2 pie, 5.5 +/-

Wall has played fantastic so far this season. There are some people actually talking about Wall as a potential MVP candidate. The main thing is that his team is playing very well. Could be an interesting playoff for Wall.

James Young (Boston Celtics)
4mpg, 63%fg, 2ppg, 12.3 pie, -1.2 +/-

Young has been going up and down with the DLeague. Hopefully as the year progresses he can get a bit more playing time in the NBA.

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  1. Jump. Jump. Slam. Slam. Wizards 92 at Pelicans 85. Washington is now 23-11.