Tuesday, December 23, 2014

NFL Poll: Week 17

With one week to go in the regular season, it appears that the Seattle Seahawks will finish as the number-one team in the NFL for the second year in a row.  Here is the current top 10:

1.  Seattle Seahawks:  11-4
2.  New England Patriots:  12-3
3.  Green Bay Packers:  11-4
4.  Dallas Cowboys:  11-4
5.  Denver Broncos:  11-4
6.  Detroit Lions:  11-4
7.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  10-5
8.  Arizona Cardinals:  11-4
9.  Cincinnati Bengals:  10-4-1
10.  Indianapolis Colts:  10-5

The Dolphins (8-7) are in 17th place, while the Redskins (4-11) are in 26th after they upset the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Game of the Week is in Green Bay, where the number 3 Packers will host the number 6 Lions.  It's been a long time since Packer/Lions was a big deal, so it's nice to see that rivalry coming back.  The Sunday Night game will feature the number 9 Bengals at the number 7 Steelers -- another fine old rivalry.

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