Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TUCFC: 2014 Week 13

With Texas Christian off for the week there was no TUCFC title defense.

In many ways this week was all about Florida State. They don't win pretty, but they keep on winning. I can't figure out if Florida State isn't that good, or if they just don't care until they have to care. They still have two tough games left. Florida has proven that they can pop up and win every so often, and maybe they'll get fired up for this match up. Then Florida State closes out with Georgia Tech in the ACC championship game. It's assumed they will win out, but with the way they are playing I keep thinking they will trip up and lose.

The other big outcome from last week was UCLA beating USC. With a win over Stanford, UCLA will win the Pac 12 South and get a chance to play Oregon for the second time this season.  They played them close the first time, and now the TUCFC Power Rating has UCLA sitting at number 5 with Oregon at number 4.

Games to Watch This Week

TCU (9-1) at Texas (6-5)
     My take on Texas is that Charlie Strong was a good hire and he will build them back into a national power.  It will just take a couple of seasons to get there and then they will join Ohio State and Alabama every year in the final four.  They aren't quite there yet, but I believe they are playing much better now than at the beginning of the year and I have a feeling they will win this game to take the TUCFC title.

Stanford (6-5) at UCLA (9-2)
     UCLA is playing for a spot in the final four, not just to win the Pac 12.  All they need is two more wins and they will have done their part to get in. 

Arkansas (6-5) at Missouri (9-2)
     Arkansas is another team on the move this year and so this could prove to be a very interesting game.  Missouri has to win out to take the SEC East title as they lost to Georgia. 

Northern Illinois (9-2) at Western Michigan (8-3)
     Who is going to win the Mid American West.  This game may decide.

Western Kentucky (6-5) at Marshall (11-0)
     Can Marshall possibly go 13-0 and never even crack the FBS Playoff top 25?  It could but Western will be trying on Friday to knock them off. 

Colorado State (10-1) at Air Force (8-3)
     The Mountain West Mountain division has three teams all sitting at 6-1.  I feel for Colorado State.  They lost their second game of the season 37-24 at Boise State.  Boise State would later lose to Air Force.  Now Colorado State needs to win this one and have Boise State lose to Utah State in order to win the Mountain West Mountain division.

Auburn (8-3) at Alabama (10-1)
     Maybe Auburn has fallen and can't get up, but my guess is they have just been holding back waiting for this one game to try and topple Alabama.  This should be a good game.

Florida (6-4) at Florida State (11-0)
     I know Florida isn't very good, but they are Florida and so Florida State will have to take this one very seriously if they don't want to stumble.  My guess is they will destroy Florida in the first game all season where they come out ready to play from the opening bell.

Mississippi State (10-1) at Mississippi (8-3)
     Like Auburn, Mississippi has fallen down, and like Auburn I believe they will come out firing in this game.

Georgia Tech (9-2) at Georgia (9-2)
     Georgia Tech will be playing Florida State in the ACC title game and so I'm curious to see how they do against Georgia.

Minnesota (8-3) at Wisconsin (9-2)
     Can Minnesota pull off the big upset?  If they do they would take the Big Ten West title.

Kentucky (5-6) at Louisville (8-3)
     I'm so glad that Kentucky moved this game to end the season.  Now instead of being embarrassed by Tennessee every year to close out the season they get to be embarrassed by Louisville. 

Utah State (9-3) at Boise State (9-2)
     See Colorado State above.

TUCFC Power Rating
Despite what the playoff committee says, I don't believe they will put in two teams from one conference.  So if you go by the latest TUCFC power rating we would be looking at, Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, and Ohio State.  This is the final four I've assumed would happen for a while and we are getting closer and closer to it.  Just out of the top ten at number 11 is Marshall.  It should be noted that this is a big jump up for them in the power ratings. 

There is a part of me that feels that if you are a team in college football at the FBS level and you go 13-0 then you should get into the playoff automatically.  If not then obviously no one considers what you are doing to be on the same level as other teams, so then you should be playing in a different league where you could potentially win the championship.  

2Florida State11-01,045.156738.9870.0000.0001,784.144
3Mississippi State10-1906.531824.08814.81333.3751,682.431
7Ohio State10-1970.844825.263129.281238.3131,428.513
9Texas Christian9-1766.813641.46314.84432.5631,360.869


  1. Agree on Marshall and 13-0. UCLA looked so powder blue and beautiful in beating USC last Saturday that I think they're in the final four if they win out; who could resist those uniforms and the script "Ucla" on the side of their helmets? This story was in error in that it failed to mention that THE HILLTOPPERS ARE BOWL-ELIGIBLE (again), BABY! #BROHMSQUAD!

  2. Technically, UK gets to be humiliated by both Tennessee and Louisville.

    I agree that Texas will probably beat Texas Christian.

    I agree that the Arkansas/Missouri game is intriguing, but Missouri will be very tough to beat at home.

    I agree that Auburn and Ole Miss will give it the old college try against their rivals.

  3. Here are some second-half scores from FSU games this year (I'm only counting points scored in the second half). Each of these games looked pretty close in terms of the final score, but in the second half it was very clear which team was better:

    FSU 35, NCSU 17
    FSU 21, Notre Dame 10
    FSU 35, Louisville 10
    FSU 20, Miami 3

    Those are pretty dominant performances. Each of these games looked like that scene where the Coyote is about to catch the Road Runner, only to have the Road Runner go "Meep! Meep!" and leave the Coyote in the dust. No one thinks that the Coyote is close to being as fast as the Road Runner, and no one should think that schools like Louisville and Miami are close to being as good as FSU.

    Second-half FSU is the real FSU, and that's the FSU you're going to see in the playoffs.

  4. If UCLA and Ohio State make the final four, I'm going to be going all CFBcraycray because I've actually seen both of those teams play (a little) this season. It's going to be like the years that I've actually seen one of the best-picture nominees; I'm suddenly totally informed and loudly opinionated about all of the nominees in all of the categories.

  5. LOOK OUT, Thundering Herd! Somebody on the Hilltopper Radio Network just reported that it appears the Tops have "a lot of swag today. They're not scared of anybody!" BOOM!

  6. The Tops and the Herd have a had a fight before the game in Huntington today!

  7. The man on Hilltopper Radio Network who reported on the swag adds that "we came to play," and early indications bear him out: Tops throw for first down on their opening play from scrimmage!

  8. Hilltoppers, already up 7-0, intercept Marshall on the home team's first possession! SWAG!!!