Saturday, November 22, 2014

Number 3 Son Has a Villanous Idea

Number 3 Son wanted to share an idea that he had for a new Super Villain:

The Rhymester! He is a villain who speaks only in rhymes, and he is also known as Raymond Hyme. His rhymes are hurtful to peoples' ears, and he gets a charge out of speaking in rhymes as a result. His backstory is that when he was just plain old Raymond E., he, at the age of six, wondered what would happen if he started talking in rhymes.
                 So he tested it. First, it started out small. He was just telling rhymes to kids his age. The next thing he knew, he was doing it to everyone. To parents and teachers and his principal and even his mother. He had grown addicted to it, and he gained lots of mention in the newspapers for the tongue he spoke. But still later he noticed that his rhymes were getting hurtful to people's ears. When he did, he thought, "Well, if my speech goes a killin', it's time for me to be a villain!" And that was the day the Rhymester was born.
                 He has a secret lair in which he plots his schemes. He has lots of henchmen who are obedient, but some of whom think he has problems. For example, he won't accept people as henchmen who don't speak in rhymes. Every time they don't speak in rhymes, he reminds them of his rule via physical harm.
                 To this day, the Perilous Poet is one of the most wanted super criminals in town. His painful speech can so much as shatter glass, making it a cinch to enter a bank through window without leaping into the fray painfully. He has been responsible for the earaches of many citizens, because ears pain at the very hearing of his words. He has used his ability to commit sound-relating crimes, such as, when officers' ears are hurt, putting a lit bomb behind them by sneaking up from behind. The Venomous Villain of Verse is a hard person to keep behind bars, and the best way to handle him is to make him finish the first half of a sentence with something that doesn't have a rhyme, like "orange."
              This has been my idea for a new Super Villain, by Number 3 Son.
                                 -Number 3 Son


  1. Scary thought,hope i"m not caught. Rhymester words "really" do hurt.

  2. Dear Rhymester: Please use your talents for good. We need you. -Earth