Friday, September 12, 2014

This Week's Games

Home teams listed first.  For the record, I love the idea of a "139 Bowl."

Caldwell Co. (3-0) v. Trigg Co. (1-2) (139 Bowl)
Christian Co. (0-3) v. Fort Campbell (1-2)
Crittenden Co. (2-0) v. Union Co. (1-1)
Fulton Co.  (1-2) v. S. Fulton (Tenn.)
Madisonville-N. Hopkins (1-1) v. Hopkinsville (2-1)
Marshall Co. (0-2) v. Calloway Co. (0-2)
Murray (2-1) v. Mayfield (2-1)
Paducah Tilghman (0-3) v. Graves Co. (1-1)
Webster Co. (1-2) v. Ballard Mem. (3-0)


  1. I'd love to be at that Murray-Mayfield game tonight.

    1. As would I. For that matter, I would really enjoy watching Crittenden play Trigg, Tilghman play Graves, or Madisonville against Hopkinsville.