Sunday, September 7, 2014

FIBA Update: Round of 16

Over the weekend, they played the Round of 16 in the FIBA World Cup of Basketball.  If the Aussies took a lower seed to avoid meeting the United States in the quarterfinals, their plan backfired, as they were beaten by Turkey.  The only big upset in this round was Serbia's blow-out win over Greece.  Serbia had gone only 2-3 in the Group Stage, while Greece had gone 5-0.  But Greece was in Group B, and all four teams from that Group were eliminated.

Here are the scores, with the higher-seeded team listed first:

Upper Bracket (in Madrid):
Spain 89 - 56 Senegal
Croatia 64 - 69 France
Greece 72 - 90 Serbia
Brazil 85 - 65 Argentina

Lower Bracket (in Barcelona):
United States 86 - 63 Mexico
Slovenia 71 - 61 Dominican Republic
Lithuania 76 - 71 New Zealand
Turkey 65 - 64 Australia

Anthony Davis had only 4 points and 6 rebounds in 20 minutes against Mexico -- he went 2-9 from the field.  But DeMarcus Cousins came off the bench to score 11 points and get 7 rebounds in only 14 minutes.  (Cousins went 5-5 from the field and 1-1 from the line).

This sets up the following quarter-finals:

Upper Bracket (in Madrid) (September 10):
Spain v. France (Spain beat France 88-64 in the Group Stage)
Serbia v. Brazil (Brazil beat Serbia 81-73 in the Group Stage)

Lower Bracket (in Barcelona) (September 9):
United States v. Slovenia
Lithuania v. Turkey

These teams did not meet in the Group Stages.

The United States is still 8 to 13 to win the Cup; Spain is still 6 to 4.